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A Hilarious Report of a Massacre that was Actually a Yoga Session

A Hilarious Report of a Massacre that was Actually a Yoga Session

A hilarious report of a massacre that was actually a yoga session was receive by the police what happen is unbelievable. A call to police in what was describe as a hilarious report said several people were lying on the ground in what appear to a “massacre” scene, but when police arrive it turn out to a yoga class.

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North Sea Observatory

Five police cars suddenly arrived outside the “North Sea Observatory” in Chapel St Leonards in the British county of Lincolnshire on Wednesday night, but they soon realized that the news they had received was based on a misunderstanding receive a hilarious report but turn out a yoga class.

“joke” to be called a “killer”

Yoga teacher Millie Laws said at first, she thought it was just a “joke” to be called a “killer”. Lincolnshire Police confirmed that everyone there was fine and that the person who made the call had done so with “good intentions”.

Seascape Cafe

22-year-old Millie Maz says she was teaching yoga to seven people at the Seascape Cafe. This cafe is located inside a building. Meanwhile, two people, who were walking their dogs outside, saw them all carefully from outside. It was then that Millie and her class were in the yoga pose shavasana or resting stage.

Religious Ritual

Milli says that the people who were with me were lying down and cover with blankets and their eyes close. It was very dark here; I had lit only candles and small lights to light the room and I was walking around playing the drums. Meanwhile, a couple with their dogs approach the glass and start looking inside. Then they hurry back. I didn’t pay attention to it at all at that time. She further says that I only find out after we had left that these men call the police and told them that there had a massacre and that it was There seem to a religious ritual. He also realize that the people who was on earth had perish.

Millie Laws

They were all resting still and tranquil, so perhaps it appear that way at first, she speculates. I am sure their thoughts must have made them think in this direction. Millie Laws says that she shift to this area only three months ago and here in a small village such a sudden arrival of officers. “Whatever happen is incredible and hilarious,” she says. I also feel bad for the people who call the police because it must have scary for them too. So, I understand what they must have gone through.

Yoga instructor Millie Laws was teaching a session at a café located inside the North Bay Observatory in Chapel St. Leonards. Read More

Cafe managers

“But obviously you have to see the funny side of it all,” he said. Seascape Cafe managers have reassure residents and thank the police for their quick response. “If anyone hear the police sirens at 9.30 pm at Chapel St Leonards last night, we want to console them,” she wrote on the Facebook page. They arrive at the observatory after hearing that our building was experiencing a large number of casualties. Later, when he observed numerous individuals sprawled on the ground, he realized it was a yoga class.

Lincolnshire Police

“We are grateful to Lincolnshire Police for their quick response,” the post added. We can’t imagine for a second what was going through his mind at the time. Lincolnshire Police said they received a call with concerns for the welfare of people at the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards. Officers responded quickly to the situation and we are happy to report that all persons are safe.

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