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Havoc in Hong Kong After 140 Years, Heavy Rains Caused

Havoc in Hong Kong After 140 Years, Heavy Rains Caused

Havoc Rains in Hong Kong After 140 Years Many areas have been flooded and people are facing difficulties. Heavy rains have wreaked havoc in Hong Kong for the first time in 140 years, with many streets and suburbs flooded and educational institutions closed. According to the foreign news agency “AFP”, Shenzhen, the technology center of China, has recorded the heaviest rainfall since 1952.

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Intensity of storms

Climate change has increased the intensity of storms, with experts saying more rain is causing catastrophic flooding and coastal damage. Heavy downpours in Hong Kong began yesterday and continued until midnight, with the city receiving 158.1 mm of rain, the heaviest since 1884, the Met Office said.

Warning of Catastrophic floods

Officials have issued a warning of catastrophic floods where emergency officials are continuing rescue operations in various areas. Residents living near rivers should alert to weather conditions and consider evacuating if their homes are flood, the Met Office said. Hong Kong’s stock exchange, meanwhile, suspend all trading activities.


The government said the situation would remain extremely tense until 6 p.m., but hospital officials said 80 people sought help in emergency rooms. Taxis were force to wade through floodwaters this morning in urban areas where residents went about their daily lives. Were busy trying to get to Amour while some cars got stuck there.

Millions of people

Roads in Ang Kong’s Lantau Island were also completely submerge. Where river water rose over the banks. However, millions of people in densely populate coastal areas of southern China. Were confine to their homes ahead of the storms.

Havoc rain
As exceptionally rainy weather brought additional disruption to southern China, the financial heart of Asia, Hong Kong, was soak on Friday with the worst rain since records began more than 140 years ago. Two people were confirm dead and more than 100 injure.
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A Hong Kong-based Subway Operator

Authorities have suspended schools and halted cargo clearance services on the city’s border with Shenzhen. Shenzhen is also preparing to release water from its reservoirs. Which it says could cause flooding in northern parts of the city. A Hong Kong-base subway operator said. One of its lines was experiencing service difficulties. Due to flooding in the Taichung district.

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