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India Unveils Innovative Portable Disaster Hospital

India has introduced the Aarogya Maitri Cube, hailed as the world’s first portable disaster hospital. It comprises 72 cubes, airlift-ready, designed for delivering essential medical care and humanitarian aid in disaster-stricken areas. This remarkable initiative is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Project BHISHM” (Bharat Health Initiative for Sahyog Hita and Maitri), officially launched in February 2022 at the MedTech Expo in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Aarogya Maitri Cube: A Closer Look

The disaster hospital features 72 cubes, each meticulously equipped with essential supplies. These include an operation theatre, mini-ICU, ventilators, blood test equipment, X-ray machine, cooking station, food, water, shelter, power generator, and more. These cubes expedite the provision of critical medical care and humanitarian assistance following natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

One notable feature is its remarkable capability to address a wide spectrum of severe injuries, such as 40 bullet injuries, 25 major burns, approximately 10 head injuries, long limb fractures, spinal injuries, chest injuries, and spinal fractures. This versatile disaster hospital efficiently operates even under the most challenging conditions.

A Modular Solution for Disaster Relief

The Aarogya Maitri Cube boasts an ingenious modular design with its 72 cubes that form specialized cages, each containing 36 mini-cubes. Each mini-cube supports 100 survivors for up to 48 hours. Remarkably, two of these cages, known as master cubes, can seamlessly provide support for up to 200 survivors.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic “Rubik’s Cube,” this innovative design ensures each cube remains lightweight, weighing less than 20 kg. This portability facilitates manual transportation over distances of up to a kilometer, enabling swift deployment to disaster-stricken areas.

A Mobile Hospital for Critical Care

Additionally, the versatility of the Aarogya Maitri Cube becomes apparent with each master cube, comprised of 36 mini-cubes, weighing under 750 kg in total. Combining two such cubes transforms them into a mobile hospital equipped to perform life-saving surgeries and deliver comprehensive medical care. This adaptability ensures that the Aarogya Maitri Cube can meet the unique and evolving needs of diverse disaster scenarios, providing critical care precisely when and where it is most needed.

Advanced Technology and Sustainability

To optimize the efficiency of the disaster hospital, developers have introduced a tablet-based application. This tool seamlessly operates all 72 cubes, streamlining the facility’s management. The comprehensive kit also incorporates a portable generator, offering both traditional and solar panel options. This dual power supply ensures a reliable energy source for the entire setup, promoting sustainability in disaster relief operations. Furthermore, all equipment in the Aarogya Maitri Cube is rechargeable, reinforcing the commitment to sustainable disaster relief efforts.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Aarogya Maitri Cube marks a monumental leap in disaster relief technology. It underscores India’s dedication to innovation and holds the potential to save countless lives in the face of adversity. As this pioneering portable hospital takes center stage in disaster relief efforts, it serves as a beacon of hope for communities grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters and humanitarian emergencies worldwide.



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