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Japan Lunar Mission its Launched “Moon Sniper”

Japan Lunar Mission its Launched “Moon Sniper”

Japan’s lunar mission was launched two weeks after the successful landing of the Indian space vehicle Chandrayaan at the South Pole. Japan finally launched its lunar mission on Thursday, September 7, after overcoming several delays due to unfavorable weather conditions.

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Japan Space Agency

According to the announcement of the Japan Space Agency (JAXA), the H-to-A rocket was launch from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan. The rocket is carrying Japan’s “Moon Sniper” lander and is expect to reach the lunar surface in the next four to six months.

Japan’s attempt at a precision landing

Japan’s lander, officially name the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM “Slim”), is said to designe to land within 100 meters of a specific target on the moon. Has  done It usually ranges up to a radius of several kilometers, but is much less than the usual range. “Building a slim lander will enable humans to land where we want, not where it’s easy to land,” the Japanese Space Agency said before the launch, and it’s expect to a qualitative change in that direction. ” The agency add that such a precision landing would open the door to a future where it would possible to land on planets with less resources than the moon.

Research Satellite

The rocket is also carrying a research satellite developed by the joint effort of the Japanese Space Agency, NASA, and the European Space Agency. The research satellite is expect to observe the winds of this hot gas plasma. Which keep moving in the universe. This will help to understand the mass and energy flows, as well as the structure and evolution of celestial objects. Globally, the space agency says, “no pin-point landings on planets with significant gravity such as the Moon. There are no precedents.”

Japan lunar mission
Japan has launched a rocket carrying a lunar exploration spacecraft as the country looks to become the world’s fifth to land on the moon. Read More

Japan Hopes for Success after Several Failed Attempts

In the past, several attempts by Japan to land on the moon have failed. This includes his attempt last year when he sent a probe called Omotenashi as part of the US Artemis program. Omotenashi was the world’s smallest lunar lander, but it lost contact during flight. A Japanese start-up company “Space”. Also made an ambitious attempt to become the first private company. To land on the moon last April, but it also fail.

Landed Near the Moon’s South Pole

Japan’s launch on Thursday. Comes two weeks after India’s achievement. When the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft land near the moon’s south pole. India is the first country to land its research vehicle on the South Pole. Apart from India, the USA, Russia, and China are the countries. That have successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon safely.

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