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Depression Disease Can Lead to Diabetes

Depression Disease Mother of Diseases Can Lead to Diabetes

Depression Disease, mother of diseases has been found by modern research to be a cause of diabetes. A comprehensive research has found that while stress or depression can lead to many other medical complications, it also increases the risk of developing diabetes. After concluding that people with depression have a 60% increased risk of developing diabetes.

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Diabetes Care

According to research published in the medical journal “Diabetes Care”, British experts examined the medical reports of 1.5 million people taken from the UK data bank, including their complications, and then asked them questions. After reviewing the data and asking questions from the volunteers participants, the experts concluded that more than 19,000 people had developed type 2 diabetes.

Physical changes

According to experts, the physical changes caused by depression disease, and as we know Depression mother of disease including internal organ changes, may increase the chances of developing diabetes. According to the experts, during the research, it was found that there are 7 genes in humans that are common to depression and diabetes, that is, both diseases and complications increase from the mentioned seven genes.

Diabetes and depression have been clinically connected. Depression affects 10% to 15% of all individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.Read More

Depression increases from 25 to 60%.

According to experts, after depression disease causes swelling in the brain. Pancreas, stomach, and other parts of the body. Weight gain may increase the chances of depression. According to experts, more research is need on the above issue. But the results show that the chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes in people with depression increase. And we know depression disease increase  from 25 to 60%. It has been report that it can lead to serious diseases including many mental illnesses.

Severe depression

In a past study, it was report that people suffering from depression. Are more likely to develop 29 types of different diseases and medical complications. Than the general population. It is believe that every second or third person in the world suffers from some form of mental issues. Such as puzzle, stress, and problems. There are many stages of mental illness, some people have severe tension. Which increases the chances of their health becoming very bad.

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