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Humayun Saeed said that He Would Delay the shooting of Film

Humayun Saeed said that He Would Delay the shooting of Film

Humayun Saeed said that he would delay the shooting of his film due to Mahira Khan’s marriage senior actor and producer Humayun Saeed has vaguely confirm that actress Mahira Khan will get married by the end of this month and said that he will delay the shooting of his upcoming film due to the marriage of the actress.

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Mahira Khan

Last month in August, there were reports that Mahira Khan would tie the knot in September. There were reports that the actress will have a simple wedding ceremony in Murree, a tourist destination in Punjab, and her close relatives and friends will attend the wedding.

Confirm the news of her marriage

However, Mahira Khan herself did not deny or confirm the news of her marriage and now Humayun Saeed has also vaguely said that if the actress gets married, he will change his upcoming shooting schedule. Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan soon. He is about to start shooting for another film together, however, there is a possibility that the film may delay by three to four months due to the marriage of the actress.

Talking to a News Agency

Humayun Saeed while talking to a news agency said that Mahira Khan’s pairing with him was love earlier in “Bin Roy” and this time too the audience will love their pairing. The actor claim that any Pakistani actress who works with him becomes a superstar.

Most people love

In response to a question about people criticizing his acting, he said that most people love him while some foolish people envy him. At the same time, he reveal that he will soon seen on screen for the first time with Sajal Ali and Yamuna Zaidi in lead roles, but he did not give any explanation in this regard.

Criticism on social media

Humayun Saeed also spoke about the criticism on social media and said that he mostly stays away from social media. When asked about Mahira Khan’s marriage, he said that he wants to marry an actor. Time will change the shooting schedule of his upcoming film, which means he will start shooting late, but he did not confirm clearly when Mahira Khan will married.

Humayun Saeed
We also appreciate gorgeous faces, amazing apparel, and vibrant colours. Most women are not as attractive as Mahira Khan, and as a result, Hum Films “Bin Roye” is likely to be a financial success. Read More

Second marriage of the actress

It should note that this will the second marriage of the actress. Mahira Khan was first married in 2007 to Ali Askari. With whom she also has a son Azlan. Mahira Khan’s first marriage end in divorce in 2015 after almost 8 years and since 2019. There have been rumors of her second marriage. Initially, there were rumors of Mahira Khan’s engagement. To a businessman name Saleem Karim, to which the actress clarify in 2019 that she is not engage yet.

HSY Interview

Later in June 2020, Mahira Khan gave an interview. To fashion designer Hasan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) on Instagram. Admitting that she is dating a man name “Salim” and plans to get married in the future.

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