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Robot have been Introduced to Absent Children in Japan

Robot have been Introduced to Absent Children in Japan

Robot into classrooms for out-of-school children. Japanese schools have proposed a representative robot for absentee children that will represent the children virtually in the classroom. A city in Japan has announced the introduction of representative These robots will take the child sitting at home to the classroom with its camera.

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Kyoyamoto Southwest City of Japan

The city of Kyoyamoto is located in the southwest of Japan. A school here says children who are absent due to misbehavior, illness, or any other reason will have robots in their classrooms. However, the aim is for children to stay connected to school and eventually return to school.

Communication System

The robot has a microphone, camera, speaker, and a complete two-way communication system. The child can see the classroom, talk to the teachers, and talk to them himself. In this way, children will be able to study in school virtually by controlling the robot while away, and will also be able to communicate with their classmates.

Robot Moves on Wheels

A robot up to three feet (one meter) tall that moves on wheels. He will also be able to be pushed by his schoolmates to the ground where he will be able to participate in all kinds of activities. Giving the child this real feeling also aims to reduce their feelings of isolation and fear of school. Thus, psychologically it will help to reduce fear in children.

Using robotics, a Japanese city will combat the growth in truancy. To help students at Kumamoto schools restore their confidence when interacting with instructors and classmates, two mechanical helpers have been purchased. Read More

Meta-verse Environment

It should  note that education is provide to children in the meta-verse environment in Japan. The city administration is hopeful that this will help children eventually attend school. However, the project will start in November.

Rules are Quite Impressive

Japanese people are quite famous for their rules and their rules are quite impressive like they don’t think it is good to use phones in public places. For the silent mode of phone, they don’t talk loudly in public places. They talk softly to each other. In the same way, the children of their school also have some rules to show respect to the teacher. However, robotic systems being introduce in schools for children who are absent from school.

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