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US President travels is Very Secure Security System

US President travels is Very Secure Security System

US president when travel security is always on high alert Six Boeing aircraft and a triple security system When the US President travels, the world stops Many top leaders of the world are coming to India for the G20 summit and special arrangements have been made in Delhi in this regard. Iris Jaipur, one of the organizers, said that world leaders will be served food in silver and gold-plated dishes.

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Secret Service Employs

US President Joe Biden is also among those visiting India, for whom special security arrangements will made. Many films have made in Hollywood on the security of American presidents. In fact, this protective shield is no less than a dramatic scene in a movie. Although the agency  established in 1865, it was task with protecting US presidents from 1901. The Secret Service employs approximately 7,000 agents and officers, including women. His training exercises are consider to among the toughest in the world.

Preparation started three months ago

Thus, the President of the United States is consider the most powerful world leader, but he cannot make decisions about his security, but these decisions have to be taken by the Secret Service. Even if the President wants them to left alone, the order may not be obey. If the US President decides to visit any country, the Secret Service starts working about three months before the schedule date. The US president walks in a shield with multiple layers of security that make it not only strong but also expensive.

US presidents have been assassinated in the past

This is because four US presidents have assassinate in the past. Abraham Lincoln in 1865, James Garfield in 1881, William McKinley in 1901, and John F. Kennedy in 1963. So, America is very serious about the security of its presidents.

Triple security system

Security Division agents on the inside, then Secret Service agents in the middle, then the police. President Biden in Delhi will have a fourth outer layer of security consisting of the Delhi Police and the Central Reserve Police Force. The Secret Service and White House staff are three. He arrives two months before and starts meeting with local agencies. He talks to the VVIP security experts of the Intelligence Bureau. The Secret Service decides where the President will stay and thoroughly investigates the place. Goes Even hotel staff  background check.

6 Boeing C17s fly with it

Many of the arrangements seem to require airspace at the airport for example because not only does their Air Force One aircraft arrive, 6 Boeing C17s fly with it. Among them, is a helicopter. They have limousine vehicles, communication equipment, and many other agents and crew members. A local route is taken by the convoy of the Seeker Service and the agency’s president, seen as an escape route.

What is the safe place?

Agents make sure the president is no more than 10 minutes away from the hospital’s trauma center an agent is post outside each nearby hospital to coordinate with doctors in case of emergency. Blood of their blood group is also kept so that they do not have to wait when they need a blood transfusion. As as the arrival date approaches, agents check each stop on the president’s route. Cars park on the streets around the hotel where they stay are remove. Precautions taken in case of different types of risk.

The hotel where the President stays

In the hotel, the entire floor is empty for the President, even the upper and lower floors keep empty. Only staff members can stay there. The entire room is thoroughly check to ensure that there are no hidden cameras or recording devices. TVs and hotel phones are also remove and bulletproof shields are install on windows. The President’s cooking staff also comes along.

US President
Only to transport communication and security equipment, such as the Presidential Cadillac, the Beast that President Joe Biden will have at his disposal when he gets here tomorrow for the G20 conference, the US Air Force has flown in more than 15 missions to India. Read More

President Travels in his Limousine car

The Secret Service also keeps a close watch there to ensure no tampering. They also have to protect the man in the military who accompanies the president at all times, and who carries a briefcase for launching US nuclear missiles. The president travels in his limousine car. This vehicle is name ‘The Beast’ which is equip with every facility. Not only is it bulletproof, but it also has more defensive equipment and techniques. such as smoke screens, tear gas, night vision technology, protection against chemical attacks, and grenade launchers. The drivers so train that they turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction during an attack.

When Obama came to India

In 2015, former US President Obama visited India as Chief Guest for the Republic Day celebrations. According to Indian tradition, he was suppose to accompany the Indian President to the venue, but he reach the venue in his bulletproof vehicle, The Beast. On that day, he also violate the security protocol. According to Secret Service guidelines, the president cannot be out in the open for more than 45 minutes. However, Obama remain at this location for two hours. Whenever the US President goes out, thousands of people are present with him. The BBC’s White House reporter once wrote that the world stops when the US president travels.

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