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Wolves Hunting:Germany asked the European Union

Wolves hunting Germany has asked the European Union to allow it

Wolves hunting should legally allow in some areas of the Union and different policies can adopt at the regional level regarding the protection of wildlife. The national organization of German states has demand from the European Union.

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Populous Country

In Germany, which is the EU’s most populous country and also the bloc’s largest economy, all 16 federal states have contacted the union in this regard, according to reports from the EU headquarters in Brussels. A formal demand has made.

European Union

In this demand, it is said that the policies adopt  the European Union under the measures take to protect war life may different and diverse from each other on a regional basis in view of the change conditions. With this argument, Germany has now demand from the European Union that Brussels allow the hunting of wild wolves to legal in different areas of the Union.

16 Federal States

Germany has a total of 16 federal states and their heads of government have a representative body called the Conference of Chief Ministers or MPK. At present, the head of this conference is the Chief Minister of the Federal Province of Lower Saxony, Stefan Weil.

Population of Wild Wolves

According to Stefan Weil, the population of wild wolves in different parts of the EU member states is already high and to prevent this population from becoming dangerously high in the future, it should be possible to hunt wild wolves on a regional basis.

European farmers protest

A large protest demonstration by European farmers. Was also held in Brussels the same week. With participants demanding that existing strict wolf hunting laws be relax. “Wild wolves are definitely no longer a species of wild animal.” Zimon Darscheid, an official of the Association of Sheep Farmers in Germany’s. Most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said during the demonstration in Brussels. “The survival of is in danger.”

Wolves Hunting
Leading Green Party MPs in Germany want to loosen the rules on shooting wolves who threaten cattle. The environmentalist party is under pressure to strike a compromise between protecting the environment and ensuring farmers’ livelihoods. Read More

Sheep Farmers

According to Zemon Darscheid, he and many other sheep. Farmers like him keep their pastures fence and have guard. Dogs to protect their flocks. But despite all these measures, attacks by wild wolves on our herds continue to increase not stop.

A central official of the German Farmers

Similarly, Udo Hammerling, a central official of the German farmers’ national organization. Also demand in a conversation with the news agency DPA. “The wild wolves are hunted under the EU’s very strict laws. On the protection of biological species.” A further reduction in the protection afford by Prohibition is now inevitable.”

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