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Adnan Siddiqi: “I’m alive” denies Death Rrumors

Adnan Siddiqi Said “I’m alive” denies Death Rrumors

Adnan Siddiqi Senior actor denied rumors of his death on social media and said, “I am fine, next time Contact me before making such breaking news.” The actor shared a video on Instagram in which he showed a YouTube video through a mobile phone in which anchorperson Adnan Siddiqui is reporting the death.

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Sarcastic and Humorous Manner

After showing the video, Adnan Siddiqui said in a sarcastic and humorous manner that he was a very good man, may Allah grant him a high position, give patience to his family, and keep his friends happy and settled.

I am living in front of you

Adnan Siddiqui said ‘I am perfectly fine, I am live in front of you, I don’t know who has spread the news of my death.’ The actor gave a message to the fans saying, ‘Don’t worry, one day everyone has to die, but there are still a few days left, you all should be happy and settled and enjoy life.

Wrote in Social Media Post

Adnan Siddiqui wrote in the caption of the post in a critical and sarcastic manner that ‘those spreading rumors of my death in the name of journalism and breaking news, contact me next time before making such breaking news, I will write the news with a memorial message. I will personally come to your studios to confirm. After all, your journalism is very high.

Adnan Siddiqi
On social networking site X, the actor said to his followers, “Before any of you condole here, I deny the news of my death circulating on social media, I am alive Alhamdulillah.” Read More

Social Media Platform X

The actor sent a message to fans on social media platform X saying, ‘Before any of you condole here, I deny the news of my death circulating on social media, I am alive Alhamdulillah. Social media is a platform that everyone has access to but unfortunately, some people misuse this platform Recently an anchorperson spread the news of Adnan Siddiqi’s death which was later denied by Adnan Siddiqui himself. Adnan Siddiqui jokingly said that he is alive and still has time. As people have become accustomed to misusing useful things, logon has also used social media as a tool to spread negative propaganda and false rumors.

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