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Google Chrome 15th Anniversary Redesign Announced

Google Chrome 15th Anniversary Redesign Announced

Google Chrome is the most used web browser worldwide because it is considered to be the easiest and fastest browser to use. Internet technology company “Google” announced a redesign of its web browser “Chrome” on its 15th anniversary, confirming that it will introduce several new features. The “Chrome” browser is the largest browser use worldwide and is the default browser on other software including Android and iOS. Since “Chrome” was develop by Google, its search engine is also consider to be the most popular and best. Although “Chrome” has undergone several changes and redesigns over the past 15 years, it is now undergoing a complete redesign.

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Search Tools are also being Improved

Google said in its blog post that in a few days. users will able to change the color theme of Google as they wish. Apart from this, the search tools are also being improve. Along with the image verification tool is getting a lot of upgrades. On its 15th anniversary, Google Chrome is also expanding Safe Browsing by improving its security features. Which means that highly inappropriate images or videos of any topic. Will not come up when searching. The changes will add a few more items to Chrome’s menu. Adding Google Translate and other similar tools to the menu.

Saving Passwords on Google Chrome is   Upgrade and Improve

Similarly, the feature of saving passwords on this browser is  being upgrade and improve. After the new changes, although the default theme and color of this browser will remain. Users will be able to change the theme and color according to their preferences. Also, in the coming time, Chrome is likely to make many more changes and offer advanced features.

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Additionally, Google will be updating the Standard protection mode of Google Safe browser to instantly scan websites against its list of known-unsafe websites without requesting access to your browser history. Read More

Chrome 10 Introduce 2008

Keep in mind that “Google” itself was create in 1998. While the same company introduce Chrome 10 years later in 2008. And since then the said browser has been making improvements. And changes every year to make it the most popular.

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