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Fighter Shahzeb Rind of Quetta Defeat his Opponent in 1st Round

MMA bare fighter Shahzeb Rind of Quetta Defeated his Opponent in the 1st Round

MMA fighter Shahzeb Rind of Quetta defeated his opponent in the first round of the “Beer knuckle competition. Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Shahzeb Rind from Lucistan defeated his Mexican opponent Carlos Guevara in the first round in the Bear Nickel match of the Gambried MMA League in the United States of America. It happened on a Friday night and it was Shahzeb Rind’s first MMA Bear Nickel bout. Fighters in Bear Nickel don’t wear any protective glue on their hands. With this win, Shahzeb’s record has become one win and zero defeat.

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The opponent was very Tough

Speaking to the BBC, Shahzeb Rand said, “My opponent was very tough, a very experienced fighter and his fighting style is Muay Thai. He said that the match had three rounds of five minutes each. The thing is allowed, you can use your knee, you can box, you can kick, you can do ground locks, etc.

Heel Hook

He said about the fight, ‘When the fight started, my opponent landed a heel hook but I defended myself from it and then I rained punches on him. Bleeding started near the eye and at 2 minutes and 18 seconds, the referee stopped the match giving Shahzeb the win. Shahzeb says that given the experience of the Mexican player, experts thought that the contest would have three rounds, but he defeated Carlos Guevara in the first round. Before the match, there was also a final face-off between the two rivals i.e., they faced each other, The special thing was that Shahzeb was wearing a shalwar kameez as well as a traditional Baloch turban.

Sportsmen in the World

He said that there are many sportsmen in the world who highlight their culture, similarly, I wore a Balochi turban with shalwar kameez to highlight Pakistani culture. On this occasion, the famous former MMA fighter George Masvidal was also present. Shahzeb took off his turban and put it on.

George Masvidal

He said that he gave the turban to George Masvidal as a gift from Balochistan and Pakistan which is our culture, I showed him and the whole world my culture. It should be remembered that Shahzeb Rind defeated the player from Venezuela, Gabodiaz, in the lightweight category in the Karate Combat League in the United States in April this year. It was a huge burden but thanks to Allah I fought hard and succeeded in making the name of Pakistan and Balochistan famous. Talking to BBC over the phone, Shahzeb Rand said that his rival players three. Couldn’t stand up to his technique in the rounds which led to him dominating him in every round.

Government of Balochistan

Shahzeb claims that whatever he did to obtain this position was done. With your assistance and that neither the Pakistani government. Nor the government of Balochistan provide him with any assistance. However, Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Qudous Bizenjo has congratulated him on his victory.

Fighter fighter Shahzaib Rind
Balochistan-born Pakistani MMA fighter Shahzaib Rind triumphed against Mexican MMA competitor Carlos Guerra in a bare-knuckle match on Sunday in South Florida, earning yet another victory for his nation. Read More

Shahzeb Rind hails from Quetta

Shahzeb said that although it is an expensive sport. It is his hobby and he will try his best to fulfill his hobby in the future. If the government helps him or not. Shahzeb Rind hails from Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. And holds a BS in International Relations. He is 21 years old. And started playing Karate Combat at the age of eight. what was He got all the training for this game in Quetta? He has been in the Pakistani team for eight years. And has been a six-time national champion. Shahzeb Rind said that he has been to Singapore. Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Nepal, and Iran for various international events. And represented Pakistan there. He has received medals.

Very happy to win this competition

Shahzeb Rind said that he was very happy to win this competition. Because I was representing Pakistan and there was a huge burden on me in this regard. A good impression doesn’t go away and as a result. Our upcoming players don’t get a chance.

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