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World Bank Country Director Meeting with Shamshad Akhtar

World Bank Country Director Meeting with Shamshad Akhtar

World Bank, the possibility of getting 2 billion dollars this year Shamshad Akhtar’s meeting with the country director briefly discussed. Pakistan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has quoted World Bank Country Director Naji bin Hussain in Islamabad as saying that the World Bank and Pakistan have agreed to provide about $2 billion in aid to the country this fiscal year to stabilize the weak economy have a target.

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Official News Agency

According to the official news agency “APP”, during the meeting with the country director of the World Bank, Naji bin Hussain, the caretaker finance minister, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, said that the government should implement reforms for stabilizing the economy and sustainable economic growth. In the meeting, the overall performance of the World Bank’s ongoing projects in Pakistan was discussed and reviewed.

Promote Economic Activities in The Country

Various options were also discussed to further expand cooperation in various priority sectors to help promote economic activities in the country. Caretaker Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar while welcoming the World Bank team reiterated that Pakistan values ​​its development partnership with the WB. He appreciated the efforts of the WB administration, especially the country team of the WB, in the economic development of Pakistan.

World Bank Country Director

Briefing the finance minister on the ongoing projects.The WB Country Director said that the WB is working with Pakistan. To implement projects, improve efficiency, and maximize the volume of foreign resource allocation. He said that as a result of these efforts. There is a target of assistance of about 2 billion dollars during the current financial year.

World bank country director
During Shamshad Akhtar’s meeting with the country director of the World Bank, he was given the opportunity to obtain two billion dollars this year. Read More

World Bank Team

Shamshad Akhtar briefed the WB team on the government’s reform agenda and ongoing efforts to stabilize the economy. There will an opportunity to benefit. From the potential of the government is also paying special attention to these sectors.

Caretaker Finance Minister

The Country Director of WB also briefed the caretaker Finance Minister on the Rise to Program. He indicated that the joint efforts are targeting the disbursement of about $2 billion during the current fiscal year. Shamshad Akhtar appreciate the quick assistance of the WB. During last year’s floods and said that considering the need for rehabilitation. And reconstruction after the floods in the country. More assistance from the WB is need to better deal. With the emergency needs of the country.

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