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Deep Sea Descent is More Difficult than Space Travel

Deep Sea Descent is More Difficult than Space Travel

Deep Sea descent is difficult than Space Travel Only a few people around the world have taken a recreational trip to the historic shipwreck of the Titanic, 3,800 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean because only a few people can access it. It is not enough to have the financial resources to travel the deep sea, it is also very important to be familiar with the tourist trip and know about the possible dangers.

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Oceangate, a Tourism and Research Company

According to a CNN report, Oceangate, a tourism and research company founded in 2009 to take tourists on a sightseeing trip, was offering an 8-day excursion to the wreck of the Titanic. According to the company’s website, this once-in-a-lifetime adventure costs $250,000.

Corporate Company Tara Inc

Nick Inanzio, owner of the corporate company Tara Inc., says, “I’ve seen rich people say that when it comes to experience, money doesn’t mean anything. They want to have an experience they’ll never forget. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Although people have been exploring the ocean floor for thousands of years, humans have managed to map only 20 percent of the ocean surface, according to 2022 data from the administration.

The First Regular Map of the Sea was Made by Piri Reis (Admiral)

It should remember that the first regular map of the sea  made by Piri Reis, who was a famous spy of the Ottoman Empire and he also made the first detail map of the world, which help the Barbarossa brothers to conquer the seas.

Deep sea
A portion of a Turkish globe map from the early 16th century was uncovered in 1929 by researchers working in Turkey’s Topkapi Palace Museum. It was date 1513 and include a captain’s signature, Piri ibn Hajji Mohammed Reis (which is Arabic for “admiral”). It was create barely 21 years after Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World and is now well known as the “Map of America.”Read More

Traveling in space

Researchers often say that traveling in space is easier than going to the bottom of the ocean, according to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, while 12 astronauts have spent 300 hours on the moon, on the other hand, only 3 people have explored the depth of the ocean. Spent three hours at the bottom of the ocean to find out.

Space Agency

Dr Gene Feldman, who has spent more than 30 years. At the space agency, says: ‘We have better maps of the Moon and Mars than we do of Earth. There a number of reasons why humans have travel so far into the deep ocean. , one reason is that traveling deep in the ocean means the water pressure above you increases steadily the deeper you go, There are many challenges to going in the ocean compare to space, the ocean is dark, There is almost nothing visible, sunlight is absorb very quickly underwater and is unable to penetrate deeper than about a thousand meters below the surface, and the temperature of the sea is extremely low.

Dutch Engineer Cornelius Drabble

The world’s first submarine built by the Dutch engineer Cornelius Drabble in 1620 and ran in shallow water. Later, after the Titanic disaster, when sonar technology was invent. It took scientists 300 years to get a clear picture of the depth of the ocean. Only four divers have ever explore the greatest depths of the ocean.

Ocean Explorer Jacques Picard

In 1960, renown ocean explorer Jacques Picard and US Navy Lt. Don Walsh experience the drop of the sea. In the Trieste submarine. Due to the extreme pressure, their dive last only 20 minutes. And they recover so much debris from the sea floor. Pick up that he was unable to take pictures there.

Deep-sea Adventure

The next deep-sea adventure took place more than 50 years. After filmmaker James Cameron experience the Titanic’s voyage in 2012 in a submarine. He designe himself. Three hours into the sea, the sea pressure damage James Cameron’s equipment, batteries and sonar equipment  damage. Then in 2019, the adventurer Viktor Vyskovo set a new sea depth record. He manage to reach 10,928 meters on a solo dive through a submarine. Try, but human knowledge about the ocean is limited.

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