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McDonald’s and Tesla Launch Cybertruck McFlurry Spoon in China

Tesla and McDonald’s have teamed up to launch a special set of 50,000 Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoons in China. The spoons are made of stainless steel and have a sharp, angular design that resembles the Tesla Cybertruck. They also come in a tube with the words “powered by Tesla” written on it.

The spoons are available for purchase at select McDonald’s restaurants in China for ¥30 (around $4). McDonald’s is also using Cybertruck-inspired packaging for their McFlurry ice cream as part of this promotion.

The Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoon is the latest in a series of Cybertruck-themed products that have been released in China. In July, Tesla released a limited-edition Cybertruck-inspired cat bed. And in August, Tesla opened a Cybertruck-themed pop-up store in Beijing.

The Cybertruck is a polarizing vehicle, but it is clear that it has captured the imagination of many people in China. The Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoon is a fun and unique way for fans of the truck to show their support.

The spoon has been met with mixed reactions online. Some people have praised the design, while others have criticized it as being too expensive or impractical. However, the spoon has certainly generated a lot of buzz, and it is sure to be a popular item among Cybertruck fans.

It remains to be seen whether the Cybertruck-inspired McFlurry spoon will be released in other countries. However, the success of the spoon in China suggests that there is a market for Cybertruck-themed merchandise around the world.



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