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Other Apps can Receive Messages From WhatsApp

Other Apps can Receive Messages From WhatsApp like Signal and Telegram

Other apps can receive WhatsApp messages feature of Sending Messages from WhatsApp to Other Applications A possibility to offer the feature of sending messages from WhatsApp to other apps. WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, is likely to introduce the most unique feature ever, whereby users can send messages to other apps like Telegram and Signal. Currently, it includes all three applications. There is no single app that provides this facility but probably all other apps will offer such a facility by next year.

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Digital Market Act

Yes, under the Digital Market Act (DMA) passed by the European Union (EU), platforms including WhatsApp are obliged to offer such a facility, whereby any user can transfer from one app to any other platform. Can send messages without an account in another app.

Working on Introducing a New Feature

In this regard, WhatsApp is working on introducing a new feature and it is likely that the new feature will be introduced in the next 6 months. According to “Web at Info”, a website that monitors WhatsApp updates, WhatsApp experts are busy creating a cross-platform feature, under which anyone without a WhatsApp user account can send messages on Telegram or Signal will be able.

WhatsApp Account

Similarly, under the mention feature, any user of an app like Telegram or Signal will able to send messages. From there despite not having a WhatsApp account. According to EU law, all messaging and internet applications. Are oblige to offer such facilities in all cases by the end of 2024.

Feature Will be Rolled Out

Under the mention facility. Any user after creating an account on an application. Will able to send messages on an application on which they do not have an account. It is believe that WhatsApp will start the testing of the said feature in the next few months. And possibly the feature will  roll out within 6 months. However, it is too soon to make any judgments in this area.

Feature Offered only in European Union Countries

Initially, the feature will offer only in European Union countries. But later it is likely to be expand to other countries in a phase manner. If the above feature is introduce on WhatsApp. It will the most unique feature of WhatsApp so far.

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