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Egypt: Niqab Ban in School, Criticized by Citizens

Egypt: Niqab Ban in School, Criticized by Citizens

Niqab ban in school Egypt citizen discuss the latest government decision to forbid students from wearing the niqab with foreign news agency. Citizens expressed different opinions on the ban on the niqab in schools by the Egyptian government, but the majority criticized the move as cruel. According to the report of the news agency AFP, the government banned the niqab in schools this week. A discussion brake out on social media and along with criticism, the government’s decision describe as cruel.

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Education Ministry Egypt

According to the report, the Ministry of Education of Egypt announce on Monday through the official newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm that the ban on wearing the niqab will apply in both public and private schools.

Egyptian Women Wear the Niqab

It was report that a small number of women in Egypt wear the niqab and this niqab covers the whole face, leaving only the eyes visible, while the headscarf decision is left to choose and a large number of women only wear the niqab. A headscarf is worn.

Choice of Headscarf

The government statement said that the choice of headscarf will be according to the will of the students and there will be no pressure from anyone except the guardian. According to the report, the decision was heavily criticize on social media and the government was blame. That she is interfering in private matters.

Social Networking Website X

A citizen named Muhammad said on the social networking website X (Twitter) that people are angry because the government has not explained the decision, it is a cruel decision that interferes in the private affairs of citizens. In the posts, he referred to the government‘s priorities and questioned whether the veil was the reason for overcrowding in classes, old furniture and difficulties faced by teachers.

Naqab ban
Egyptians discuss the latest government decision to forbid students from wearing the niqab with Foreign news agency.

Supporters of this Decision

On the other hand, supporters of this decision said that only extremists will affect by this move. A user name Al-Masri wrote that no one else is angry except the supporters of the Taliban and ISIS. Ahmed Musa, a talk show host who is an ardent supporter of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Welcome the decision, saying it was the first important step to eradicate extremism. And correct the education system. And that the Muslim Brotherhood would feel bad about this decision. It should be note that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was the head of the Egyptian army. When the democratically elected government of the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in 2013. By President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood was subsequently declare a terrorist group.

Cairo University

Sisi jail thousands of activists, including the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. And execute many, and thousands were kill in the process. Earlier in 2015, teachers at Cairo University were ban from wearing the niqab. A decision later upheld by an administrative court in 2020.

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