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Nawaz Sharif will Return Home on October 21, Shahbaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif will Return Home on October 21, Shahbaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif will return to the country on October 21, former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said while talking to the media in London. He said that on October 21, the whole of Pakistan should welcome Nawaz Sharif in Lahore.

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Controversial Election of 2018

The former prime minister further said that if the continuity of development had not been broken as a result of the controversial election of 2018, Pakistan would have been far ahead. In response to a question, Shahbaz Sharif said that he would come to Pakistan before Nawaz Sharif and his leader. Will welcome.

Economy and the Country Develop

Shahbaz Sharif said that with the return of Nawaz Sharif, the economy and the country will develop again as it was doing in 2017. He said that Nawaz Sharif was deprived of power through a false case. It should be clear that the former prime minister went to the UK in 2019 for treatment and in the four-week period given by the court in Panama references. He did not return, following which non-bailable arrest warrants were issued for him. Former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had recently said during a TV interview that Nawaz Sharif would face the cases filed against him on his return home. Because his party believes in the rule of law. However, it is important to see which cases establish against Nawaz Sharif that he is facing.

Constitutional Duty of Election Commission

Shahbaz Sharif said that conducting elections is the constitutional duty of Election Commission. According to him, now it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to conduct elections under the new census, which he hopes the commission will fulfill this duty.

The Affidavit Statement was Submit by Shehbaz Sharif

It should note that in the court decision to send former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to London for treatment, an affidavit was submit on behalf of Shahbaz Sharif in which he gave a guarantee regarding his brother’s return to Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif In the affidavit given in the Lahore High Court regarding the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif after he was sent abroad, it was said that his elder brother Mian Nawaz Sharif is going abroad for treatment for four weeks. And that if Nawaz Sharif’s health recovers during this period and the doctors allow him to go to Pakistan, then he will return home.

Islamabad High Court in October 2019

At that time, apart from Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the affidavit of Mian Nawaz Sharif was also submit in the court in which he said that he is bound to abide by the affidavit given by his brother. Islamabad High Court in October 2019, former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif was grant bail for eight weeks on medical grounds in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills case and order him to submit two surety bonds of Rs.

Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference

The court had given the authority to extend the bail period to the Punjab government. But the provincial government had not extend the period. The former prime minister did not appear in the court. Even in the appeal against the sentence received in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference. After which the Islamabad High Court declare him admissible on December 2, 2020. The Islamabad High Court ruled in this case. Notices have issue to Nawaz Sharif’s guarantors. Asking why their bonds should not confiscate by the government.

Nawaz Sharif
Mariyum Aurangzeb said by tweeting on the social networking site X.

Panama Papers

After the Panama Papers were release, three references  establish against former Prime Minister and Quaid Muslim League_N. The accountability court of NAB first sentence Nawaz Sharif to jail. In the Avenfield reference a few weeks before the 2018 general elections. In this reference, Nawaz Sharif’s bail was approve by the Islamabad High Court.

Flagship Investment Reference

Quaid Muslim League_N was acquit by the accountability court. In the flagship investment reference while he was convict in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference. Apart from Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam and son-in-law Captain retire Muhammad Safdar Awan were also sentence. To jail in the Avenfield reference. Later, the Islamabad High Court acquit Maryam and Captain Safdar of this reference. But the case of Nawaz Sharif was separate due to being out of the country. According to legal experts, now when Quaid Muslim League_N return home. If so, then they can file a petition for acquittal in this case as well.

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