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Free and Fair Election Conduct in Pakistan U.S Demanded

Free and Fair Elections Conduct in Pakistan U.S Demanded

Free and fair elections in Pakistan America demanded. America is emphasizing on fair elections, although it is a personal problem of Pakistan and no other country should interfere in the internal affairs of any country, but unfortunately it is very common in Pakistan that other developed countries are involved in every issue of Pakistan. Countries consider it necessary to intervene because their interests are connected with unstable Pakistan, while a stable Pakistan will not ignore them. The statement of the US Department of State regarding the timely and free and fair election in Pakistan has come out.

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US Department of State

In view of President Arif Alvi’s proposed date of November 6 for general elections, the US Department of State has urged Pakistan to hold transparent, fair, free, and timely general elections under the law. He said we want in Pakistan held free and fair election. During a press briefing, US Department Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Matthew Miller was asked to comment on President Arif Alvi’s letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan. According to a representative for the US State Department, “We urge Pakistan to organize free and  fair election and on-time elections and to protect human rights as we engage with governments across the world.

Election Commission of Pakistan Sikandar Sultan Raja

The spokesman urged the Pakistani authorities to proceed with the election process according to the laws of the country. It should be noted that the President of the State wrote this fourth letter to the Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of Pakistan Sikandar Sultan Raja for holding the general elections. In the letters, the President suggested dates for holding general elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. At the beginning of this year, on February 20, President Arif Alvi unilaterally announced April 9 as the date for the provincial assembly elections, later he instructed the Election Commission to hold either April 30 or May 7. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab assembly elections should be held on the date.

Provincial Assemblies

It should note that both the Provincial Assemblies were dissolve on January 14 and January 19. Political experts term the President’s recent move as “unnecessary”, as they believe that the President’s letter to the Chief Election Commissioner was an ambivalence. While the President did not give a clear date for the elections and only told the ECP that the elections should not be extend beyond November 6, the President cited Article 48(5) of the Constitution, which he said gave him Authorizes and mandates him to fix a date not later than 90 days from the date of dissolution of the Assembly for holding general elections.

General Election of National Assembly

Although it is not the jurisdiction of the Interim President to make recommendations to the Election Commission as per the constitutional law, the Interim President whose constitutional term is complete is overstepping his authority. The President’s letter states, ‘Therefore, as per Article 48(5), the general election of the National Assembly should held on the 89th day of the date of dissolution of the National Assembly, i.e., Monday, November 6, 2023. The President clarified. In an effort to fulfill the constitutional obligations, he had invite the Chief Election Commissioner for a meeting. The Chief Election Commissioner did not meet the President. And instead took the stand that it is the ECP’s power to decide the date of the election. As per Article 51(5) of the Constitution and the framework of the election laws.

Law Ministry

The Ministry of Law had also express the same view on this matter. And in response to the President’s question. It had reiterate that the four provincial governments of the opinion. That the announcement of the election date is the authority of the Election Commission. The President said that there is further consensus. That general elections of the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies should held on the same day to strengthen the federation.

Free And Fair Election
The free, fair, and on-time general elections in Pakistan were stress by US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller.

Responsibility of the ECP

Acknowledging that it is the responsibility of the ECP. To observe all constitutional and statutory measures laid down under Articles 51, 218, 219, 220. And the Elections Act 2017 to conduct free and fair elections. The Caretaker President advise Provide that the ECP may seek guidance from the Supreme Judiciary. To announce a single date for the general elections of the National and Provincial Assemblies in consultation. With the Provincial Governments and political parties under the relevant provisions of the Constitution.

Pak U.S Relations

During the press briefing, the spokesperson of the US State Department was ask about Pakistan-US relations. The spokesperson said that Pakistan is an important partner and we attach great importance to the relations between our countries. He was also ask about the Torkham border issues. Which start last week after the conflict between the two border forces. The spokesman said, “Obviously, we will encourage these two governments to work together to resolve this issue.”

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