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Meta started working on his LLM at the OpenAI competition

Meta Started Working on his LLM at the OpenAI competition

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has announced its own personalized LLM system following the booming popularity of AI. According to Al Street General, it will be a new, fast, and powerful AI system. Given the meta, it is supposed to be more refined than OpenAI’s most popular chat, GPT.

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LLM Models

Although Meta will continue to build on its existing Llama models, there will be further innovations. The race for generative AI is expected to increase in this way. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a project this year that involves developing AI tools based on human expressions. According to analysts, Mark Zuckerberg is very serious about generative AI and wants to push it forward while reducing his focus on the metaverse.

Generative AI

There are many aspects of AI, but generative AI has taken the world by surprise. In the light of instructions (prompts), artificial intelligence can write articles, create poetry, and generate images and even videos, and that is why it is call generative AI.

Better-Performing Applications

According to experts, Meta has a very large data set of images, sound, text, etc., on which models and LLMs can built. Meta and other social media applications are improving their systems and trying to make them more secure and faster than ever before in order to provide their users with more and better-performing applications. Day by day they are innovating in their applications.

LLM Chatbot

For the same purpose, Meta has started work for the Llama chatbot. Remember, Meta is an associate application of Facebook. And Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to create his own system to improve his application so that people can use it. Use these apps to their full potential.

Apple Chatbot

Earlier, Apple also announce the creation of its own chatbot. But it is providing facilities to its users like a social media application. It seems that they are trying to make it easier for their users. However, it seems that they want to outdo each other in the technology race.

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