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Netflix Saudi Arabia Original Web Series Release

Netflix Saudi Arabia Original Web Series Release

Netflix Saudia Arabia for the first time released the original web series “Beit Tahir”. Entertainment streaming website and production company Netflix for the first time released the original web series “Beit Tahir” of the most important country of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia. The first episode of the first original web series of Saudi Arabia “Beit Tahir” (House of Tahir). was released on September 4, with all its episodes released by September 10. The country’s first original web series went viral upon its release and stayed at number three on Netflix in the country for the entire week, i.e. People of Saudi Arabia. Among the three dramas and web series watched, “Bait Tahir” came third.

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Saudi Filmmaker

“Bait Tahir” is a comedy web series, that revolves around a family that has been in the business of selling fish for generations but wants to innovate in the business with the times changing, they now confront a number of difficulties. The web series is direct by Saudi filmmaker Sultan Abdul Mohsen and the cast includes actors from there.

Original Film

An original web series or an original film is one whose story revolves around its own country, its shooting is also done in that country and its producers are also there, while the writer and director are both natives of that nation. However, actors from other countries may cast in it. On the occasion of the release of Saudi Arabia’s first original web series, Saudi social media users expressed happiness, while the Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia also expressed hope that Netflix Will produce more original web series and movies there.

Release Original Content

Netflix has also release original web series and movies from other Arab countries before Saudi Arabia. While it also produces original content in India. Netflix will launch original content in the Middle East. And Arab countries in November 2022. Netflix has also been releasing original content in India since 2016. While it was recently report that Pakistan’s first web series will also release on Netflix soon.

Pakistani Netflix Series

However, till now this platform itself has not announce. Making Pakistan’s first original web series or film. But there are reports that several actors. Including Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, and Sanam Saeed. Have cast in Pakistan’s first online series.

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