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China’s electric Vehicle maker announce to set a plant in Pakistan

China’s electric Vehicle maker announce to set a plant in Pakistan

China’s Electric Vehicle  maker has announced to set up an electric vehicle plant in Pakistan and showrooms in major cities of the country. According to the report of the news agency, the delegation led by Jiu Zhongquan, assistant chairman of the Xinjiang War Cheng Group, announced this on the occasion of a meeting with the vice president of FPCCI, Aminullah Baig. Federal Office Chairman Aminullah Baig held a detailed discussion with the team of the Chinese company regarding investment opportunities in Pakistan.

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Entering the Pakistani Market

Gu Zhongquan said that they are entering the Pakistani market and setting up manufacturing units and showrooms is in the company’s interest and is part of the long-term business plan. Xinjiang Jincheng Group is engaged in 5 industries, including electro-mechanical and hydraulic, light power, automotive, global trade, and manufacturing and services. Gu Zhongquan said that cars are the main means of transport in Pakistan, while the prices of petroleum products have risen sharply due to the increase in global prices, which has made it inevitable for consumers to switch to new sources of energy.

Use of Electric Cars

He said that in the long run, the use of electric cars will save a lot of fuel costs compare to petrol. Adding that Xinjiang Jungcheng Group emphasizes innovating with the latest technology in vehicles. Aminullah Baig ask the delegation of the Chinese company to speed up the investment project, which is mutually beneficial. He observed that Chinese auto brands are very popular among the people of Pakistan and China’s electric vehicle technology is very popular.

Spread of Pollution

Because of the spread of pollution. Now most of the vehicles that run on liquid fuel i.e., petrol or diesel causing pollution. This is the reason why the share of vehicles on roads is 25% in air pollution and rising temperature. It is fear that if no immediate changes are made in the transport system. By 2050 this sector could responsible for releasing 87% of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In this regard, companies are now turning towards electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles.

European Union has announced a Ban on the Manufacture of Combustion Engines

The European Union has announce a ban on the manufacture of combustion engines. So that Engines running on liquid fuel after 13 years from the year 2035. No combustion engine vehicles will be built, drive. Or import into Europe after this year. With this ban, General Motors, Mercedes, Ford, and Volvo have announce. To stop the production of combustion engines between 2035 and 2040. While Toyota, Volkswagen, and Nissan have not yet made a decision. This is the reason why China is now focusing on making electric vehicles. And is setting up an electric vehicle plant in Pakistan.

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