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May Rei Drama which is Under Criticism on Social Media

May Rei Drama which is Under Criticism on Social Media

May Rei drama is aired daily at 7 pm on ARY. This drama shows a sensitive aspect of Pakistani society. Drama Director’s Explanation After Severe Criticism of “May rei”. On social media users’ criticism of “May Rei”, a drama on social issues and early marriage, director Meesum Naqvi explained that children’s romance is not being shown in the drama, the drama is not a story of a different world, it is you. In “May Rei” Aina Asif plays the role of a young wife while her husband is played by Samar Abbas and both are actually 15 years old.

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Underage Marriage

Through the play, an attempt is made to discourage early marriage in society and it is shown how underage marriage destroys their lives. (Samar Abbas)’s wedding has  show and the two have also show in a romantic way as a young couple.

Story of Drama

Renowned director Masim Naqvi recently gave an interview to Fuchsia Magazine where he opened up about the story of Mai Rei. Speaking of the drama’s plot, he said that the channel had previously forbade making a drama based on it since it dealt with a particularly delicate subject. We cannot discuss this topic openly. Meesum Naqvi said that we are those people. For those who consider early marriage as very normal, early marriage was not a big deal in the subcontinent, but when problems arose over time, these problems were not identify, so discussing such topics or Drama is very difficult to make.

Some Issues in this Drama

There may still be some issues in this drama. But the excellent parts of May Rei belong to the performers, writer, production company, and channel. While the poor parts belong to me. Openly admit it myself.” Talking about the criticism of May Rei Meesam Naqvi said that May Rei is watch by millions of people on YouTube. And if 2 to 3 I wouldn’t classify it as glorification if only a few hundred of these millions of individuals were leaving comments.

May Rei
The drama May Rei is currently under fire on social media for its early marriage.

Don’t make a decision or criticize before Watching

There are those who are only watching the scenes of Aini and Fakher. And those who are only watching the scenes of these two are not interest in the story of the drama. He said that both Aini and Fakhir are oppress in the play. And both have affect by early marriage. If they are supporting each other in the play. Then we are not glorifying early marriage. That said, don’t make a decision before watching the whole play.

Criticism of Aini and Fakher

On social media users’ criticism of Aini and Fakher’s romantic scene in the drama. The director said that ‘it is not showing children’s romance. The drama is not the story of a different world. It is the story of your society, in your society. Children between 12 and 15 years of age are having an affair and as long as there is a stick in hand to fix it. This problem will never correct. Parents must instruct their kids through conversation and play. I have point out the same thing. He further said that we have try to bring the real face of society before the public.

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