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Radiation Emissions iPhone 12 Claimed European countries

Radiation Emissions iPhone 12 Claimed Several European countries

Radiation emissions from the iPhone 12 Claimed and measured by several European countries. After the recent French decision regarding the alleged abnormal emission of radio frequency energy from the iPhone 12 manufactured by the American technology company Apple, several European countries have announced precautionary measures in this regard. iPhones manufactured by Apple are very popular all over the world. About the iPhone 12, a model of these mobile phones, the French National Frequency Agency instructed Apple on Tuesday, September 12, to stop selling its smartphones of this model in France.

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SAR over the legal limit

The directive was prompted by the results of two tests conducted by the French authorities. These tests apparently showed that the iPhone 12 emitted radiation in excess of the maximum level legally allowed in Europe. This measure of radiation emission is called Specific Absorption Rate or SAR and it refers to how much energy emitted by the phone due to radio frequency is absorbed in the body of a user using a mobile phone.  According to authorities in Paris, the SAR rate of the iPhone 12 was found to be higher than the legal maximum, and therefore Apple was banned from selling this model of smartphone in France.

Germany’s reaction to the French decision

After the decision of the French authorities regarding the sale of the iPhone 12, it has seen a reaction in several European countries. In Germany, the Federal Network Agency, the country’s supervisory body for this sector, has said that it also reviewed the concerns about it. The rate of radio frequency energy emitted by the iPhone 12 exceeds the SAR maximum legal limit. On Thursday, September 14, the German organization said in Berlin that if more decisive and clear results of the investigation carried out in France come out, then this case is actually one of the same types at the level of the European Union.

Consensus Decision

It can also pave the way for a consensus decision. This would mean that the sale of this iPhone in other European countries could also be banned. German authorities are also said to be in close contact with the French Department of Radioactive Energy released the iPhone 12.

This measure of radiation emission is called Specific Absorption Rate or SAR.

Declaration of Belgium

At the same time, Belgium has announce that it will examine. The rate of energy emit by this smartphone of Apple. And its possible negative effects on human health. “It is my responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.” Said Mathieu Michel, Belgium’s state secretary for digitization, in a statement email to Reuters. I have ask the relevant Belgian regulatory authority for a detail analysis of the potential risks. This Apple phone may pose to consumers.” He said that Belgian regulators will review the SAR rate. Not only for all Apple smartphones but also for mobile phones from other manufacturers.

The positions of the Netherlands and Italy

Following France, Germany, and Belgium. Germany’s neighboring Netherlands has also said it has ask its relevant department. To investigate the levels of radio frequency energy emissions from the iPhone 12. Dutch digital regulators said that the most important thing is that such products should not pose any real risk to consumers. Therefore, an explanation will sought from Apple. The manufacturer of the iPhone. Unlike the Dutch authorities, the Ministry of Telecommunications in Italy has said. That it is not taking any action at the moment. But this whole situation. Keeping a close eye on the situation.

Apple’s Rebuttal Explanation

Following the decision by the French authorities. Apple has said that the iPhone 12 introduce it in 2020 was also launch. After declare authentic as a result of regular inspections and analyses by several international organizations. According to Apple, the radiation emit by this smartphone does not exceed. The prevailing standards and the American company. Does not agree with the claims made by the French authorities. During the last two decades, researchers have work on several research study projects. Whose purpose was to evaluate the potential risks of mobile and smartphones to human health. According to the World Health Organization. Any use of mobile phones No potential adverse effects on human health have confirm to date.

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