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Nomophobia is a Growing Disease Among Young people

Nomophobia is a Growing Disease Among Young people

Nomophobia is a disorder in which a person feels fearful or extremely anxious without a mobile phone. The young generation suffering from nomophobia is facing new problems and miseries with each passing day, such as waste of time, aimlessness, mental disorder, irritability moral turpitude, etc.

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Use of Mobile Phone

The use of mobile phones for education is not totally inappropriate but its misuse and extra use is creating many problems for our young generation like Nomophobia. An alarming trend that is being seen among parents today is that they hand over these smartphones to their children as young as seven years of age and proudly tell others about them. That their children can operate smartphones. In fact, such parents are also causing the destruction and destroy of the new generation and push this disease call Nomophobia.

UNDP Report

According to a UNDP report, Pakistan is one of the luckiest countries in the world, with a large proportion of the population (about 64 percent) consisting of youth, between the ages of 15 and 30 years. According to this report, if Pakistan uses this important part of the population in a good way, then Pakistan can develop very fast, but if God forbid, we cannot engage our youth, then the coming time may bring more difficulties for the dear country. If you look at the history of the world, you can imagine that all the countries where there is poverty reduction, excellent health facilities, peace, good infrastructure, justice, etc., all these countries have spent a lot of money on education.

Internet And Mobile Phones

While the internet and mobile phones have shortened the distances, but young genration suffer Nomophobia. They have made the distances in our relationships much longer. Every other person in our homes is busy on their phone and it is becoming more and more difficult to sit down and talk. If we think about it, we will feel that this mobile phone has kept us especially the new generation in its chains. In principle, we should operate the mobile phone, but now if you think about it, you will understand that the mobile phone is operating us.

Homophobic Youth

The homophobic youth who are supposed to take over the reins of the country are heading in a direction that can only lead to destruction. No sane person can be against the use of technology but misuse of anything can lead to destruction. If we decide today that somehow, we have to make our youth useful for the country, then parents and teachers themselves have to become role models, otherwise “Your stories will not be in the stories”.

Money Spent in Education

This report reveals that Pakistan is in 180th place on the list of 195 countries, where very little money is spent on education. In fact, this is an alarm bell that our rulers continue to ignore. According to this study, at the rate at which our country’s population is growing and children enroll in schools, we will need another 60 years to have no child out of school.

The Young Generation is Knowledgeable

Now the question is whether our young generation is knowledgeable and talented enough. To play an important role in the development of their country. The answer to this question lies in determining the right direction. For each young person. And they know how much use Mobile phone and not  not suffer this disease called Nomophobia.

Nomophobia is a colloquial term that means ‘fear of being without a mobile phone’. Nowadays nomophobia is a very popular term. For netizens as it is predominantly related to the unusual addiction to the mobile phone.

Internet and Mobile Phones

Today internet and mobile phones have changed the world. Thanks to the internet and mobile phones, distances have disappear today. And the world is seen as a global village. Where you can share information with each other in seconds. According to a study, smartphones account for about 60 percent of today’s Internet. Today, the internet and mobile phones have become a part of our lives. And now it seems that the whole nation. Especially the young generation is extreme use of Mobile phones and suffering from Nomophobia.

Role Model

A teacher is a role model for his students. They can teach student how to use. And purpose of use mobile phones. and tells the misuse or extra use is not good. Teacher and student relation is very strong after parents. And they can explain the student so that student not suffer this disease called Nomophobia. And no one could explain this better than our beloved Prophet Muhammad. By the way, there is a very long list of educational methods of the Holy Prophet. But in my opinion, if today’s teacher adopts only one attribute of the Holy Prophet.  So that “knowledge and action”, then he will play an important role. In providing the best manpower in the beloved country. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Every knowledge that is not acted upon is a disaster.” A society that lacks action. Despite the abundance of knowledge can never be peaceful.

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