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Erdogan Requests Musk To Establish A Tesla Factory in Turkey

According To State-Run Media, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan asked the Owner of Tesla Elon Musk to open a factory in his country


During a visit in New York, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan urged tech entrepreneur Elon Musk to locate his next Tesla factory in Turkey. Turkish media showed Musk walking inside New York’s Turkish House, a brand-new tower located next to the UN headquarters, holding his three-year-old son in his lap while they held talks.

Erdogan’s nation was “among the most important candidates” for the new facility, according to Musk, who was speaking on behalf of himself.

 Minister Of Turkish Industry And Technology                                       

Mehmet Fatih Kacr, the minister of Turkish industry and technology who was present at the conference, claimed that Musk referred to Turkey as “among the most important candidates for Tesla investment.” Erdoan also talked about prospective collaboration between Turkey’s space programme and Elon Musk’s space exploration company SpaceX during the meeting.

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, which owns more than 76 percent of Turkish e-commerce platform Trendyol, has announced plans to invest roughly $2 billion in Türkiye in the near future. Following a statement from the company, the intention was communicated by Michael Evans, the company’s CEO, to Erdoan during a meeting on 15 September in Istanbul. During the discussions, Evans was accompanied by Trendyol chief alayan etin.

Company’s CEO

The intention was forwarded by the company’s CEO Michael Evans during a meeting with Erdoğan in Istanbul on Sept. 15, following to a statement from the company. Evans was accompanied by Çağlayan Çetin, head of Turkish e-commerce platform Trendyol. Where Alibaba holds more than a 76 percent stake. Musk is also set to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in California on Monday. Musk posted on social media platform X that their talks would focus on artificial intelligence technology.


Tesla in August expressed an interest in building a factory in India. That would produce a low-cost electric vehicle. Company currently has six factories and is building a seventh in Mexico. In northern Nuevo Leon state, part of the automaker’s push to expand its global footprint. Musk said in May that Tesla would probably pick a location for a new factory by the end of this year. Tesla shares are up 123% so far this year and the automaker on Saturday said it had produced its 5 millionth car.

In addition to running Tesla, Musk also bought X, formerly known as Twitter, for $44 billion in 2022. While describing himself as a free speech absolutist. Musk has complied with some demands by the Turkish government to censor content in the country. In other cases, the social media company has objected to orders by the Turkish courts.



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