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NERC: Electricity Regulators are Raising the Alarm

NERC Electricity Regulators and Companies are Raising the Alarm

NERC Electricity regulators and companies are raising the alarm about the dependability of the system throughout America, but the Biden administration keeps pressing the snooze button. The most recent cautionary note is contained in the NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) semi-annual “Reliability Risk Priorities Report.” Energy policy is now one of five major risk profiles, along with grid modernization, security threats, extreme events, and inter-dependencies of vital infrastructure. This is noteworthy because it specifically names poor energy policy as a serious grid vulnerability.

Grid Dependability

The news is hardly shocking. Even with our all-of-the-above strategy, grid dependability was what kept me up at night while I was secretary of energy. Some authorities are aware of the weaknesses in our system, despite President Joe Biden’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency spending money as quickly as they can in the name of climate change.  We have unprecedented challenges to the dependability of our country’s electric system, said Willie Phillips, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), in a May hearing on Capitol Hill.

Subsidies and Regulations for Renewable Energy

We are headed towards “a very catastrophic situation in terms of reliability,” as Commissioner Mark Christie put it since the rate at which conventional power sources are leaving the grid is not keeping up with the use of greener energy we are deploying. Although these threats are not new, at least FERC now seems ready to take action. Subsidies and regulations for renewable energy are further distorting the electricity market, harming dependable baseload power. All of the green energy the Democrats promised isn’t materializing as dependable power sources are prematurely decommissioned. Demand is also being increased by the need to electrify everything from our automobiles to our stoves.

Democratic policy

To be clear, the issue is with Democratic policy, not with renewable energy. That was the message NERC want to convey in its most recent report. The Biden administration has exposed all Americans to the repercussions of the awful policies we’ve seen in blue states, which is the biggest threat to our grid. Consider New York as an example. 1% and 3.6% of the state’s energy came from solar and wind, respectively, as of 2021, however by 2030, the state must have 70% renewable electricity. The state has to approximately treble its present electricity capacity by 2040, and it needs zero-emission technology that is “not yet available on a commercial scale” to replace fossil fuels, according to its grid operator.

Remove Discrimination of Regulation

Regarding Virginia, where Governor Glenn Youngkin has implemented an open “all-of-the-above” state energy strategy, contrast this with what is taking place in the United States. He has already outlined a strategy to draw small modular nuclear reactors to the region in order to fulfill the rising need for clean baseload, in addition to removing discriminatory regulations from the previous governor’s administration. Because they are confident in his promise to maintain dependable and inexpensive power, IT companies are pouring into the state to develop data centers. Virginians also concur.

On April 23, 2013, wind turbines were seen at Duke Energy’s Top of the World energy complex in Rolling Hills, Wyoming. Following Duke’s prosecution for killing eagles ten years ago, the number of eagles killed at the site surged, although business officials claim the death rate has now decreased.

Wind energy to Texas

In the 2000s, I introduced wind energy to Texas and relished the chance to expand our energy mix. But I never imagine. It would result in the political left’s current dogmatism. Where maintaining the lights takes a backseat to hurriedly adopting viable.

Natural Gas Producer

I also didn’t anticipate that, as a result of the brilliant Texan George P. Mitchell’s invention of fracking, America would soon chase Russia as the leading natural gas producer in the world. Entrepreneurs, not government bureaucrats, are the ones who persistently disrupt markets in revolution ways. In the coming years, new technologies might scale up or arise. Neither the Democrats nor I, as governor of Texas. And secretary of energy, know what they might be.

Cost American residents

I kindly request that Republicans at all levels of government give importance grid reliability in their policy plans. According to a recent Heatmap survey, 63% of Americans had hear. “Nothing” or “not much” about the provisions of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Which Wood McKenzie estimates will cost American taxpayer’s upwards of $2.8 trillion. Secure, dependent, and cheap energy came first. While I serve as the secretary of energy for the United States. I respect governments’ rights to choose the most effective way. To use viable energy sources. But I would at least pay attention if NERC had signal the need to keep the lights on.

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