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Agha Ali: When he didn’t Leave the Award show, He cried.

Agha Ali: When he didn’t Leave  Award show, he cried

Agha Ali actor has reveal the reason for leaving the award show after many years. Revealing that if he had not left the show. He would have cried in no time. Agha Ali left an award show in 2014 unfinished. had gone and the videos of him leaving the award show went viral.

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Had Kardi

Now many years later, he has given the reason for leaving the award show in the middle, saying that if he had not done so, he would have cried during the show and his crying videos would have gone viral. Agha Ali recently spoke on Sama TV Talk. Participated in the show “Had Kardi”, where he spoke openly about other matters including his showbiz career.

Love with his Hometown

Speaking on the program, Agha Ali revealed that when he was in Class IX, he befriended his class teacher, from whom he also learned English. According to him, it is a false claim that he fell in love with his hometown. However, he admitted that he liked her and had been talking to her along with meeting her.

Showbiz Family

At the same time, he said that teachers are always like parents to students, mistakes made in childhood are understood later, so everyone should respect their teachers. Speaking in the program, Agha Ali said that although he belongs to the showbiz family, he also had to work hard to make a place in the industry. According to him, when he was five years old, his father actor Agha Sikandar died and his uncle and cousins ​​are also part of the showbiz industry, but they had to see hard work and difficulties to make their place.

Father’s death

He said that even if his father was alive, he would have introduced him to showbiz only and he had to work hard to make a place even then. Agha Ali also complained that after his father’s death, when he met his friends and colleagues, they behaved as if they never knew Agha Sikandar. In response to a question, he said that He first met his wife Hina Altaf on the sets of a drama, from where they developed a friendship that turned into a relationship.

Agha Ali
Agha Ali is an actor who has made a name for himself in the industry through sheer hard work and dedication.

Leaving the Award Show

On the question of leaving the award show. Agha Ali said that in 2014, he enter the new showbiz. And luckily, at that time, his four dramas successful in a row. Due to which he was also nominate for an award. Agha Ali said that in the category for which he was nominate. When the number of the said award came during the award show. Everyone started congratulating him in advance. But the award was given to an actor. Who had also done only 20 scenes in the drama.


He claim that the said actor himself was surprise to receive the award. And even did not speak properly on the stage. Agha Ali said that he was heartbroken to see the said behavior. And he attend the award show. They left, otherwise. They felt that if they had not left, they would have cried in no time.

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