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In Space the Astronauts Body can Suffer Physical Harm from Time Spent there

Before sending humans to Mars, scientists are attempting to reduce these harms


The gravity on the International Space Station (ISS) and other spacecraft is substantially weaker than it is on the ground. Due of this, many astronauts experience “space disease” symptoms as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The gravitational pull of the earth has a significant impact on us when we are on it. The vestibular organ, a tiny organ located deep inside the inner ear of humans, is important for keep going balance in our bodies. This organ changes the body’s sense of gravity and acceleration into electrical signals and transmits those signals to the brain. The vestibular organs constantly send gravity information to the brain, which it uses to maintain balance when on earth.

Radiation from Space

The region of space around a planet that is governed by its magnetic field. Acts as a shield for the Earth. The cosmic radiation is blocked by this shield. This radiation in space which is equal to between 150 and 6,000 chest X-rays. Will be continuously emitted by spacecraft for distances beyond the International Space Station.

Cardiovascular disease can result from this radiation’s effects on the neurological and circulatory systems, particularly the heart and arteries. Additionally, it may cause leaks in the blood-brain barrier. This may expose the brain to substances that are poisonous to the brain but safe for the blood, including chemicals and proteins. The blood-brain barrier prevents substances from entering your bloodstream and exiting your brain.

By incorporating radiation-reflecting materials like Kevlar and polyethylene into spacecraft and spacesuits, NASA is developing technology that can protect passengers on a Mars mission from radiation. Radiation effects may be lessened by specific diets and supplements. These supplements, which are also used in radiation therapy for cancer patients on Earth. Help lessen the gastrointestinal negative effects of radiation exposure.

Variations in Gravity

To prevent muscle loss during a lengthy journey, astronauts must exercise in space. For example, astronauts on missions to Mars will need to have supplements like bisphosphonate. With these supplements, they should be able to spend extended periods of time away from Earth’s gravity and space still have healthy muscles and bones. Microgravity affects the circulatory and neurological systems. On Earth, your circulatory system has specialised valves that prevent biological fluids. From collecting at your feet while your heart pumps blood upward. Fluids move towards the head when gravity is absent.

Isolation and Mental Health

While space flight might harm the physical, its isolating qualities can also have a significant negative impact on the mind. Imagine spending months at a time not being able to see your family or friends. And having to live and work with the same tiny group of individuals. Astronauts initially go through team training on Earth. To learn how to handle severe circumstances and sustain communication and leadership dynamics. They either spend weeks participating in NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations. Under the water Aquarius Research Station near the Florida Keys or mapping and exploring caverns with the caverns programme of the European Space Agency. These initiatives assist space traveller in forging bonds with their colleagues and learning how to cope with stress in a hostile, foreign environment.



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