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Neuralink: Brains’ Computer Chip is Ready for Testing

Neuralink: Brains’ Computer Chip is Ready for Testing

“Neuralink” was given permission by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test the chip in May this year. After the FDA’s approval, the company started recruiting sick and paralyzed people for the trial. applied to an investigative board, which now allowed the company to begin trials by recruiting people with disabilities. Neuralink Preparations are complete to test the computer chip in the brains of paralyzed people American neurotechnology company Neuralink has confirmed that it has received approval to recruit patients to test the computer chip it has developed by inserting it into the brains of paralyzed people.

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Neurological and Mental illnesses

According to the Reuters news agency, Neuralink confirmed on September 20 that it had received permission to recruit people with stroke, spinal cord and other neurological and mental illnesses for the trial.

Computerized Chip

According to Mapani, the computerize chip will implant in the part of the brain of people suffering from spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological and mental diseases that sends instructions to the human body to move. The chip is call “brain computer interface”. (BCI) has name which will work like a small robot but will structure like a mobile SIM which will help the brain of a paralyze person to work like a computer keyboard. That is, the brain of the paralyze person in whom the said chip will install will naturally able to move those parts of the body that are paralyze due to the disease, just like a healthy person.

Paralyzed Leg and Foot

For example, stroke patients will able to move their paralyzed leg and foot after the chip is implant. According to the company, the people recruit for the trial program will  study for 6 years, however the company It is not clear how many volunteers will hire. It is likely that at least 3 dozen people will hire for the program, which is likely to test from next year and the initial results of the pilot program will a It is likely to release later in the year, but it is too early to say anything in this regard.


It should note that “Neuralink” is a company of Twitter owner Elon Musk, which was create in 2016. The purpose of this company is to develop computerize chips. That can  insert into the human brain and body to protect mankind from diseases. The company also test the computerize chip develop by the company. In 2020 by inserting it into the brains of animals and then the animals with the computerize chip. Were present to the world. size and is extremely thin. which can be implant in the brain of any living being. And connect to a smartphone via a wireless system.

Diseases and Problems

The above-mention diseases and problems solve with Neuralink. Including paralysis, anxiety, depression, severe joint pain, spinal pain. Severe brain damage, blindness, hearing loss, insomnia. And fainting spells should treat immediately. It will help to solve it.

Chip is similar to Sim Card

The said Neuralink chip is made with a system similar to the SIM card of a mobile phone. Which will connect it to the smartphone. With the help of a signal. And then the said items can add and remove from the chip through the phone.

Record of Human Thoughts

The said chip will also collect a record of human thoughts while also being able to preserve human memory. The human memory store.

In the chip will able to replay at any time by computer. or mobile phone or at any time. The past days data can display on the screen.

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