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Death to Google Maps: “Google Failed to Show Collapsed Bridge

Death to Google Maps: “Google Failed to Show Collapsed Bridge

Death to Google Maps the family of a US man who died after falling off a broken bridge and drowning in a river claims his death was caused by Google Maps because they say Google failed to update its maps.

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Bridge Collapsed

The family of Phillip Paxson (the American who died in the accident) has filed a lawsuit against Google over his death, alleging that Google maps failed to show that the bridge collapsed nine years ago and is now dangerous to cross.

Daughter’s 9th Birthday Party

Paxson was killed when his car crashed on a dilapidated bridge in North Carolina in September 2022, but a Google spokesperson said in a statement that “the company is looking Based on the allegations,” the lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Wake County Civil Court. Paxon, a father of two girls, was on his way to a friend’s house before his daughter’s ninth birthday party. According to the lawsuit filed by his family, he was driving a car when the accident happened. Angan was in an unknown place.

Lawsuit against Google

According to details, Paxson was alone in his car at the time of the accident and his wife had already taken their two daughter’s home. Lawyers who filed a lawsuit against Google on behalf of Paxson’s family said in a statement that ‘ Unfamiliar with local roads, he relied on Google Maps, hoping it would lead him safely home to his wife and daughters. Sadly, they drove carefully despite the darkness and rain and trusted Google without a doubt. The lawsuit filed against Google also states that after the bridge collapsed in 2013, local residents repeatedly contacted Google to change their online maps.

Death to Google Maps
He was using Google Maps to drive home from his eldest daughter’s ninth birthday party in Hickory, North Carolina on September 30, 2022.

Charlotte Observer

According to the Charlotte Observer. The barriers that were normally place. At the entrance to the bridge were missing because of the damage. In addition to Google, three other local agencies were also ask to investigate the case. has gone, arguing that their responsibility was to maintain the bridge.

People Responsible for Maintaining the GPS

Paxson’s wife, Alicia, said in a statement. My daughters ask how and why their father died. And I don’t have the words to explain what happen to their father. I don’t understand why the people responsible for maintaining the GPS. And the bridge did this. Why did they not have mercy on human life? “We sympathize with Paxon’s family. Our goal is to provide accurate route information in Maps. And we are reviewing this case,” a Google spokesperson told AP News.

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