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Paris of the Sahara: The Abode of Famous Personalities

Paris of the Sahara: The Abode of Famous Personalities

Paris of the Sahara the abode of famous personalities, where even the American president used to “feel like a Sultan”. The minaret of the Al-Kutbiya Mosque is known as the most recognizable symbol of the city of Morocco in the world.

In fact, the city of Morocco is the city that gave its name to the country in which it is located. Al-Kutbiyah Mosque is located southwest of Jama’at al-Fina and the square here is full of storytellers, food stalls, and snake charmers, it used to be full of businessmen, locals, and tourists. But all the joy of the place came to an end on the night of September 8 when a devastating earthquake shook the land in Morocco is Paris of the Sahara. About 3,000 people were killed in this earthquake. And about the same number of civilians were seriously injured. According to the United Nations, around 300,000 people were affected by the earthquake.

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Paris of the Sahara a Refugee centers

And today, Jama’at al-Fina has become something akin to a refugee center, with tourists replaced by aid workers. Since the eleventh century, when Islamic fighters covered their faces with veils to avoid flying sand, the Atlas of the Sahara Desert. Crossing the mountains and establishing an empire in present-day Morocco, the city became a center of economic, political, and cultural activity.

Interpretation of Islam

These nomadic tribes were called “Almoravids”. They believed in an interpretation of Islam that was rigid and what united these tribes was the power of “Jihad” against rival Muslims and Christians. West Africa was rich in gold, which they benefited from, and they also controlled trade from the Sahara Desert. In 1085, it was the Almoravids who prevented the Christians from ruling a Spain that had been Muslim. was ruled by and thus helped postpone the “Reconquista”, the attempt by Christians to retake Muslim-held territories, for 400 years.

Famous Spanish warrior Rodrigo Díaz

These were the tribes against whom the famous Spanish warrior Rodrigo Díaz also fought but lost, and thus the Almoravids came to be known as “terrible enemies” ‘who had to be destroyed.’ Used to raise the morale of the troops. However, the ones who defeated these tribes were actually the Muslim “Al-Muwahed” tribes who came from the Atlas Mountains and ruled here until 1269.

Cultural heritage

It is about the same period when the Al-Kutbiya Mosque was establish. Its 77-meter-high minaret is consider a masterpiece of African architecture. The Tower Giralda of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede in Seville, Spain was also inspire by it. There is a Catholic church here which use to a mosque. At the time, the city was call “Isabella” and was the capital of Al-Andalus (Andalus) in present-day Spain. There are also valuable ancient masterpieces, such as a district within the old city of Medina containing the royal palace and gardens. There are also walls and several monumental gates.

Arab history of the Almoravid and Almohad tribes

Such marvels dispel the impression in Arab history of the Almoravid and Almohad tribes as “ignorant” and “unsophisticated”. According to UNESCO Paris of the Sahara there are other such ancient masterpieces in Moroccan history. Included are the Saadian Tombs (16th century), the Al Badi Palace (16th century) and the Bahia Palace (19th century), each of which is unique and has a place of its own.

Cultural Heritage

Jamaat al-Fina Square is mention in a specific list of cultural heritage. It would not be wrong to say that 700 hectares of Medina city (Old City) presents an excellent example of an ancient but living historical city. Its streets, houses, inns and mosques present a unique example of architecture. Paris of the Sahara where the king feels like sultan.


But El Glouwi was a ruler who oversaw many urban projects in Morocco. He built everything from neighborhoods to Morocco’s first golf course, as well as a beautiful train station that provided a new railway connection with the city of Casablanca. It was during his reign that the city of Golez was built, a completely new European-style city with medina walls, wide boulevards line with jacaranda trees, cafes, beautiful gardens. Within the Red City, the legendary La Mamonia Hotel was establish in 1923.

Place of refuge

The city’s name means “place of refuge” and it became a haven for the world’s elite despite the brutality of the Pasha of Morocco’s regime. Celebrities such as Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf and Charlie Chaplin were welcome to their palaces with lavish banquets and shower with gifts. Winston Churchill was also deeply influence by Morocco before he became Prime Minister of Great Britain. He call it the “Paris of the Sahara” and for him the city was “the most beautiful place in the world to spend an afternoon”. Even his busy schedule during World War II did not keep him away from the city. One of those many beautiful afternoons spent at Villa Taylor, his favorite place in the ancient city. In 1943, he attended the summit in Casablanca with US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and other allies, during which he came here during the break.

Magical moment of Sunset

From the top of the town, the two leaders enjoyed a magical moment of sunset as the last rays colored the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains. Roosevelt  enthrall and said, “I feel like a sultan,” the British Prime Minister’s granddaughter, Celia Sandys, recounted in her book, “Travels with Winston Churchill.” “This is the most beautiful place in the world,” Churchill said on the occasion.

Paris of the Sahara
Historical precedents suggest that a Paris Conference on the Western Sahara question would only serve to undermine the political and diplomatic progress Morocco has made of late.

Magic color

Then suddenly everything gone. El Gloui’s power end. When he plot against Sultan Mohammed V, who was support by Moroccan nationalists. With independence in 1956, the Sultan became king and El Gloui was force to kneel. He die soon after and was brand a traitor to the people. This shift in power open the doors to even more foreigners, the rich and famous, visiting the city who would sometimes stay for a few days. Sometimes they use to come for years.

Rolling Stones spent Christmas

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones spent Christmas together here, and celebrities such as Marianne Faithfull, Andy Warhol, Lulu de la Falaise and Ossie Clark have stayed here. Prominent fashion columnist and Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland wrote, ‘A Day that begins with a picnic near a waterfall in the Atlas Mountains ends at night in a house full of young Moroccan and European friends, artists, writers, musicians. Can finish with food. Yet Morocco didn’t just attract the glamorous elite. It also became a magnet for hippies and bohemians who came looking for sun, freedom and maybe a little debauchery.

This tradition lives on in the city like many other things

Morocco is an option for thousands of European expats. And retirees who want an exotic lifestyle. But with enough modernity to avoid seasickness. Morocco has fewer than a million inhabitants. But here About 3 million tourists visit in a year. These include stars such as Madonna, who celebrate her 60th birthday there. Apart from them, popular names include Cristiano Ronaldo. And Robert De Niro who have decide to build their own hotels in the city. This list is very long.

Cracks and debris

For now, human tragedy is the priority. Physical and psychological wounds will take time to heal. But it is also important to preserve the city’s history in time. According to UNESCO, after assessing the damage. Cause by the recent earthquake, it can said that the minaret of the Kharbuch Mosque. And the Jamaat al-Fina square have almost completely destroy. There are serious cracks in the minaret of the Al-Kutbiya Mosque.

Old Jewish quarter of Mela

Several houses in the old Jewish quarter of Mela have  demolish. The famous red stone wall of the old city has numerous cracks and holes. Fortunately, Paris of the Sahara Morocco has a rich heritage of artists and artisans. Who have preserve and restore its tangible heritage for decades. This include the creation of schools of artisans to document. Medieval practices and learn the methods with which the ancient city was built. People are appreciative and will need. Now to patch up these cracks. So that the city can continue to show its magic in the future.

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