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Chinese President Meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Chinese President Meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on the occasion of his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. That the two leaders will start a new “strategic partnership”. According to the report of the foreign news agency “AFP”. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Almost two decades later. Al-Assad arrived in Beijing on a visit to China. where he asked his longtime ally for financial assistance. To help rebuild his devastated country.

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Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games

The Syrian president will also participate in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in the eastern city of Hangzhou in this visit, while Chinese President Xi Jinping  and Bashar al-Assad met today in the eastern city of China. China’s state media reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping is in the country. We are going to announce today. The establishment of a strategic partnership between China and Syria. Which will mark a milestone in bilateral relations between the two countries.” He told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

International situation of instability

The Chinese president said that facing the international situation of instability. And uncertainty, China will continue to work together with Syria. Support each other’s strengths, promote friendly cooperation. And jointly defend international justice.

Middle East

He said that the relations between the two countries have stood the test of international changes and the friendship between the two countries has also been strengthened over time. China is among the countries in the world outside the Middle East where Bashar al-Assad’s first visit since the start of the civil war in 2011, which has killed more than 500,000 people, displaced millions, and damaged Syria’s infrastructure and industry. China’s foreign ministry said his visit will take the relationship to a new level.

President Bashar al-Assad

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said in a regular briefing that the friendship between China and Syria is traditional and deep. He said that we believe that the visit of President Bashar al-Assad will deepen mutual political trust and cooperation in various fields between the two countries. It should be noted that this is Bashar al-Assad’s first visit to China after 2004. This year, China played a mediating role in restoring relations between long-time regional rival Saudi Arabia and Syria’s ally Iran, after which the two countries agreed to reopen their embassies. The summit marked the return of Syria to the Arab world, ending more than a decade of regional isolation.

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