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Football: Despite losing to Spain, the Swedes find Solace in their unity

Prior to their UEFA match, Sweden and Spain players stood together in unity

Following the crisis that has enveloped Spanish football, Sweden and Spain players came together in solidarity before their UEFA Women’s Nations League match on Friday. The slogan “se acabo,” which translates to “it’s over” in English. Used on social media during the incident by both sets of players. The phrase “our fight is the global fight” was also written on the banner. The Gothenburg home crowd cheered the Spanish players onto the pitch as they warmed up.

About Match

The match itself was an intriguing spectacle. Spain coming out on top 3-2 thanks to a penalty shot by Mariona Caldentey in extra time. Following Amanda Ilestedt’s sending-off for bringing down Amaiur Sarriegi. The hosts had already taken the lead thanks to a header from former Chelsea center-back Magdalena Eriksson. Who was acknowledged before the game for her 100th Sweden appearance.

Prior to halftime, Spain’s Athenea del Castillo levelled the score when Sweden’s Zecira Musovic botched a 20-yard effort. Sending the ball spinning over a Chelsea player and into the goal. After the break, Eva Navarro’s tremendous goal gave Spain a 2-1 lead, and the players celebrated by giving each other hugs as a show of unity.

After weeks of controversy Spain played

The Spain women’s national team had not played since defeating England 1-0 in the championship match at Stadium Australia. Luis Rubiales, a former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), gave player Jenni Hermoso a kiss on the lips after the game as part of the trophy presentation ceremony. When Hermoso claimed the kiss was not consenting, a surprising series of events ensued.

Eventually, Rubiales and World Cup champion Jorge Vilda were fired, and the Spanish players threatened to skip the match against Sweden. The decision to end the boycott was made only after an agreement was reached with the RFEF on Wednesday. Which declared that it had made a commitment to “immediate and profound changes.”

Crowd Support

In the stands, Swedish supporters cheered on the Spaniards and displayed banners in their support as they warmed up. They were unimpressed by the late penalty that allowed their guests to win and return home. The Swedish players were disappointed to lose the game, but in the end, they could at least draw inspiration from it because of their camaraderie with their Spanish opponents, even though the battle is far from finished.

“Players are speaking out in a lot of federations right now, but I don’t think we’re done until every federation treats its players with the respect they deserve,” added Eriksson.



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