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Nepra Decision to Increase the Cost of Electricity

Nepra Decision to Increase the Cost of Electricity

NEPRA(National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) has decided to increase the cost of electricity by 3 rupees 28 paise for consumers in the context of fuel adjustment. In the statement issue by NEPRA, it is said that on the request of DISCOs, in the context of quarterly adjustment. It has  approve to increase the price of electricity by 3 rupees 28 paise per unit, but the final decision will take by the federal government play role.

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Electricity will Increase

Nepra said that customers will have to pay over a period of 6 months from October 2023 to March 2024 and this has done in the fourth quarter. The statement said that this increase will not be applicable to Lifeline customers. According to Nepra, electricity will increase by Rs 3 28 paise per unit for K-Electric customers, and the require amount will collect within 6 months.

Approving to Increase

It may note that on September 20, a foreign newspaper report state that the process of approving an increase of about 26 percent in the annual basic electricity tariff and a quarterly adjustment of about 18 percent is in progress.

Domestic Cheap Fuels

The report state that DISCOs have apply for a further increase of Rs.83 paise per unit in fuel adjustment. Under which consumers will charge Rs.30 billion in the next month. This request has given despite the fact that nearly three-fourths (more than 74 percent) of electricity generation. Comes from domestic cheap fuels like hydro, coal, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, and bagasse. Nepra approve the application and call for a public hearing on September 27. Is to see whether the tariff increase is made under the FCA. mechanism and economic merit order or not.

Quarterly Tariff adjustment

Despite raising the basic average tariff by around Rs 7.5 per unit from July 1. The FCA hike has request, also to disburse Rs 146 billion. Through a quarterly tariff adjustment (QTA) of another Rs 5.40 paise per unit. There is a wait as the regulator has already complete the public hearing process. And recovery may be approve in 6 months. At the rate of Rs 3.55 per unit instead of Rs 5.40 per unit in 3 months.

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