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5 thousand E-working Centers Government announced in country

5 thousand E-working Centers Government announced in the country

5 thousand e-working centers equipped with the latest facilities to facilitate freelancers and startups across the country. E-Working Centers are centers where IT professionals are provided with all the facilities under one roof. Generally, governments provide all the facilities in such centers initially free of cost, but the facilities in such centers are very expensive. It is also done at a low cost. Some e-centers are already functioning in Pakistan either at the private level or at the government level. The government’s announcement to establish 5 thousand e-working centers in the country

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Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication

According to the caretaker federal minister, of IT and Telecommunication Dr. Umar Saif, the government will establish joint e-working centers to create new employment opportunities across the country. Official news agency ‘Associated Press of Pakistan’ (APP) Accordingly, while presiding over the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) meeting, he emphasized the need to establish joint e-centers across the country. The caretaker minister said that the establishment of joint e-centers will increase investment in the country and create new employment opportunities.

Pak- Saudi Joint E-centers

According to Dr. Umar Saif, he will soon visit Saudi Arabia in connection. With the built of joint e-centers. While interest-free loans will also given to freelancers and startups working in the said centers. He also direct them to help IT professionals and companies across the country. And play their role in helping them access global markets. For this, he has met the finance minister. And he has assured him that the problems in the IT sector will be resolved.

Pakistan Software Board

The minister direct the Pakistan Software Board to increase IT exports. To $5 billion and also order the authorities to speed up. The program of higher training of 2 lakh IT professionals across the country.

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