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Facebook launches the feature for multiple personal profiles

You can quickly switch between profiles without logging in because each profile will have a distinct Feed containing pertinent content


We’re making it simpler to personalise your Facebook experience with numerous personal profiles because sometimes keeping things separate is simpler, says Meta. You may want to keep your personal and professional interactions distinct on Facebook. Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned user. You may also want to retain one page linked to a community you’re a part of and another profile only for pals. You can easily organise who you share with and what content you see for the many aspects of your life by creating several personal profiles. Consider having separate profiles for keeping up with your friends and family and the gourmet scene you enjoy.

A Unique Experience

Having numerous personal profiles enables you to better organise your online presence, regardless matter whether you are a seasoned Facebook user or a newbie. You can make different profiles for different facets of your life, such as one for your love of cuisine and another for keeping in touch with family. You may choose who you share information with and what online material you interact with thanks to this customization.

Facebook used to provide choices to help users choose their audience. After a year of testing and user feedback, new personal profiles have been created. Users should be encouraged to interact more easily with the audiences they find most relevant if their friends, groups, and hobbies are more properly arranged.

How it Works

To have a @username for up to four more personal profiles, choose a name. Connect with the people or communities of your choice to create a personalised Feed for each profile that contains relevant content and common interests. You can quickly move between your profiles without logging in. Some Facebook services won’t be accessible to extra personal profiles at launch, including dating, marketplace, professional mode, and payments. For extra personal profiles, messaging will first be accessible within the Facebook app and online. In the upcoming months, we intend to add more profiles to Messenger’s support. Only accounts that are qualified for adult accounts will have the choice of adding a second personal profile.

Your Control

The notification and privacy settings from one profile do not apply to your other profiles instead. They are immediately set to default settings when you create a new personal profile.  The ability to control who can view a profile’s postings and send friend invitations is another feature that can be regulated separately for each profile. Every time you establish a new profile, we advise you to verify your privacy settings. You can change your privacy settings at any time. The existence of other personal Facebook profiles won’t be shown on your primary profile.


Additional personal profiles won’t initially have access to several Facebook features like dating, marketplace, professional mode, and payments. However, these profiles will have access to messaging through the Facebook app and the website. With future plans to increase Messenger support.



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