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Statue is Ready to Encourage Muslim Women

Statue is Ready to Encourage Muslim Women

Statue is ready to encourage Muslim women who wear hijab in Britain. In Britain, a steel statue has been created to encourage Muslim women who wear hijab. According to British media, this is the first statue of its kind in the world. According to the report of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this statue of Britain is to install in another major city, Birmingham, the artwork is call “The Power of the Veil”. The sculpture, designed by Luke Perry, will be installed in Smithwick, West Midlands, next month (October).

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What Dress she Choose to wear

Standing 5 meters (16 feet) tall and weighing nearly a ton, this steel statue of the dressed girl is believe to be the first of its kind in the world. Inscribe below the statue the words ‘It is a woman’s right to be love and respect no matter what dress she chooses to wear; her real power lies in her heart and mind.

Hijab Power

Designer Luke Perry says The Power of the Hijab is a piece of art that celebrates women of the Islamic faith who wear the hijab, an underrepresented but vital segment of our society. Has Luke Parry admitted that the statue might be “controversial” to some, saying that it was important to represent everyone living in the UK? He added that it was likely that the statue would be too C can be controversial for various reasons.

Importance of hijab

Earlier, keeping in mind the importance of hijab, a famous brand introduced hijabs. Michael Kors has introduce the beautiful design of the hijab. At a time when Muslim women’s clothes. Especially the hijab were being criticize in some countries including Europe.

Michael Kors

The hijab has introduce by Michael Kors. The move is being hail as a victory for Muslim women. And it is believe that now narrow-mind people will reconsider their views on the hijab. Before Michael Kors, other world-famous brands like “Dolce and Gabbana” (D&G) Nike, Daccath Lawn, and Dior have also introduced hijab.

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