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Pakistani astronauts Are Ready to Go on a Space Tour

Pakistani astronauts Are Ready to Go on a Space Tour

Pakistani astronauts are ready to go on a space tour next month. After 17 years of waiting to fulfill her dream, Dubai-based Pakistani astronauts adventurer Nimira Saleem will embark on a private commercial space flight on October 5, becoming the country’s first female astronaut to be a part of the historic journey.

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Private Spaceflight Company

Virgin Galactic, a private spaceflight company founded in California in 2004, will launch its fourth spaceflight next month, carrying three astronauts from the US, UK, and Pakistan. Nimira Saleem from Pakistan will create history by becoming the first Pakistani woman to travel to space. Nimira Saleem also has the honor of being the first Pakistani woman to reach the North Pole in April 2007 and the South Pole in January 2008.

First Pakistani astronauts Woman to Skydive

Not only this, Nimira Saleem also has the honor of being the first Asian and the first Pakistani astronauts woman to skydive on Mount Everest in 2008. She was also awarded the Medal of Distinction in 2011. Astronaut Atun was also awarded the Femina Middle East Women Award in 2016 for her passion and passion for space exploration. Nimra Salim told Arab News in an interview that in January 2006 I signed a contract with Virgin Galactic. And bought a ticket, but who knew then that it would take 17 years to fulfill that dream.

Training Session

She added Last week I visited Pakistan to officially receive the green flag, it will be an honor for me to raise my green flag. 2 lakh dollars was paid to buy the ticket, and now its current price is 4 lakh 50 thousand dollars. He said he began his training session at a private spaceport in New Mexico, where his American and British fellow passengers were also present.

Special Mothership

In an interview, he said that in a space travel mission, we will go outside the Earth orbit and then come back again. Normally, it takes about 9 to 11 minutes to launch a rocket from Earth, but our space travel is unique. Our spacecraft will be carried up to 50,000 feet by a special mothership, and then rocket motor engines will reach space.

Passion for Space

When ask about his passion for space. She said that since his father was in the army and his father use to tell him. About the stars and the northern sky from his childhood, it was his childhood dream to be in space. Nimra Salim said ‘I always say that space is in my DNA, when I was very young, I used to tell my parents not to let me play with toys, I wanted to go to space and When I was 14, my father bought me my first pair of binoculars.

New Space Nations

She said that Pakistan should learn something from new space nations. Such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Which are working on commercial space projects to provide opportunities for humans to travel to space. Talk about future projects. While doing so, Nimra Saleem mention the project of developing a three-unit cube satellite with university students.

Project ZeroG 2030

She said, “This project is call ZeroG(Galactic 04) 2030”. Which represents the first peace mission in space. Where we will carry messages of peace beyond Earth’s orbit. In student-built satellites. She will working on this project at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. And the University of Arizona in the US.

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