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A state of emergency is declared in New York due to flash flooding and heavy rain

New York City flooding forces the MTA to monitor the underground system

Intense rain continued to pour through New York City on Friday after torrentially pouring all night. A state of emergency was announced amid warnings from officials that the downpour might become fatal. Parts of the city were swamped with severe flash floods. The concrete and pavement of the city make floods worse. Since overburdened sewers can’t efficiently drain rainwater during prolonged and heavy downpours.

Parts of Brooklyn experienced a month’s worth of rain, more than 4 inches in only three hours. The National Weather Service cautioned that totals surpassing 8 inches “are increasingly likely” in some areas of the tri-state area as intense rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour were falling over the area.

Extreme Weather

At a news briefing on Friday morning. New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that the perilous weather situation was still present. “I don’t want the periods of intense rain to suggest that the situation is finished; it is not. Late Friday morning, the worst of the rain began to subside across hard-hit areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but another round of rain is predicted for the afternoon, which could rekindle catastrophic flooding.


On Friday morning, New York Governor Kathy Hochul issued an emergency declaration for New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley. She urged folks to stay at home due of the pervasive risky traffic conditions in an interview with New York’s WNBC-TV.

Hochul remarked, “This is an extremely difficult weather event. This is a potentially fatal situation. And in order to keep the citizens safe, I need everyone to heed that warning. Due to the “extreme rainfall.

Since early Friday, one to five inches of rain have fallen in various locations throughout New York City, according to the NWS. Parts of the Brooklyn and Queens boroughs are still predicted to get one to two inches of rain every hour, and the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, has advised residents to prepare for eight inches of rain in only 24 hours.

NYC Mayor

On Friday morning, the State of New York declared a state of emergency after severe rains. Heavy rains caused flash flood warnings to be issued throughout the Northeast and caused tube delays and road closures in New York City. Along with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who had already declared a state of emergency. New York City Mayor Eric Adams made the emergency declaration.

This is a moment for increased vigilance and severe caution, Adams said during a news conference on Friday. “I want to say to all New Yorkers, this is time for heightened alertness and extreme caution,” Adams said. “Stay at home if you are at home. If you are at work or school, take cover for the time being.




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