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Khalistani Terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu threatens to attack ODI World Cup 2023

Security concerns have arisen for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India due to threats from Khalistani terrorist Gurpadwant Singh Pannu. A menacing audio recording of Pannu’s message has circulated on social media, alarming the cricketing community.

Security in Focus

Cricket fans eagerly await the 2023 ODI World Cup, set to begin with a match between England and New Zealand at Gujarat’s Narendra Modi Stadium, the world’s largest cricket venue. Given Pakistan’s participation, robust security measures are vital.

Threat from Gurpadwant Singh Pannu

The gravest concern stems from Pannu’s menacing threats. As a prominent figure in the Khalistani terrorist organization, he vows to disrupt the World Cup in response to the killing of Khalistani militant leader Shaheed Nijjar in Canada. Pannu declares, “We will oppose your violence and bullets following Shaheed Nijjar’s death. Remember, this October won’t be the World Cup; it’ll mark the beginning of the World Cup of Terrorism.”

Heightened Security Required

In light of Pannu’s alarming warnings, enhancing security measures for the World Cup cricket matches is imperative. Ensuring the safety of players and fans is paramount. Any threat to foreign players in India could escalate into an international crisis, underscoring the need for rigorous security.

As the cricketing world anticipates the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, Khalistani terrorist Gurpadwant Singh Pannu’s threats have cast a shadow over the event. With the tournament set to commence at Gujarat’s Narendra Modi Stadium, prioritizing the safety of all stakeholders is essential. Authorities must swiftly take comprehensive action to mitigate potential risks and ensure an uninterrupted tournament. Cricket is a unifying sport, and it must remain a platform for joy and camaraderie, free from fear and unrest.



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