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Treatment for Depression is not to be Ashamed of, Experts insist

Treatment for Depression is not to be Ashamed of, Experts insist

Treatment for Depression Is Nothing to Be Ashamed of in the worst situations, depression might result in suicide. According to reports, more than 600,000 adults suffer from depression in Germany alone every year. Depression Day is being celebrated across Europe on October 1st Sunday. Accordingly, experts have emphasized some basic steps to deal with depression and said that those suffering from it should get help immediately. Depression or dementia can affect anyone. All experts agree on this. Depressive disorder is considered an illness, which is very common but its seriousness is often underestimated and can even lead to suicide in the worst cases.

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European Depression Association in Germany

According to psychotherapists, early detection of depression is very important to cure depression. In a recent statement highlighting the seriousness of depression, researcher and representative of the European Depression Association in Germany Detlief Dietrich said, “In most cases, depression can be easily treated, provided it is treated properly.” It should be recognized and treated early. It is important to keep an open mind towards this disease.

European Depression Day

European Depression Day or “European Depression Day” is celebrate on October 1 every year. This year the theme of the day is “New Insights into Depression Treatment in Uncertain Times”. According to reports, more than six million adults suffer from depression in Germany every year. Mathias Broadway, a well-known cabaret artist, says he was treat for depression for four years. According to him, “I would like our society to understand the disease of depression better.” It’s important to talk about it frequently and provide factual and well-informed information.”

Not at war with myself

He added, “Under no circumstances should you do this to yourself.” “Depression is a serious illness, not a weakness of character,” says cabaret artist Mathias Broadway. Such a disease needs to treat. No one should be ashamed of it. Relatives may also need such support. Telephone counseling can help in this regard. He referred to the long waiting time for depressed patients to consult doctors and demanded more facilities to treat the disease. He said, “Politicians have to take effective measures here.”


Depression or dementia is a disorder characterize by prolong periods of low mood, lack of interest or joy in various aspects of life, and impairment in other activities of daily living, including driving. Sleep and focus problems, loss of appetite, negative thinking, low self-esteem, fear, and suicidal thoughts are also clearly indicative of a depressive disorder.

Positive change in social attitudes

“Depression can affect anyone, young or old, whether they have a pre-existing condition or not,” says Christian Lange Aschenfeld, chief physician or specialist at a well-known psychiatric clinic in Düsseldorf, Germany., climate changes, genetic predisposition, severe life events, or even global events have profound effects on human psychology and can even cause depression. While gradually changing in a positive way, sufferers still face stigma, which often causes additional stress on them in addition to their illness. Dr. Christian Lange Aschenfeld suggested that society use medical terminology more carefully.  When explaining typical situations, he advised against using medical terminology. Therefore, not every deficiency can be the same trigger for upset mind or every unhappy situation.

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