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Powerful Earthquake Prediction in Pakistan

Powerful Earthquake Prediction in Pakistan

Prediction of a powerful earthquake in Pakistan the science community says that it is not possible to predict earthquakes, but the authorities are also taking seriously the prediction of the Dutch researcher Frank Hogerbets regarding the occurrence of a powerful earthquake in Pakistan. Many of his predictions have been proven correct.

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Chaman fault line in Pakistan’s Baluchistan

The Solar System Geometry Service (SSGS), a geological research organization of the Netherlands, has predicted a powerful earthquake on the Chaman fault line in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. The SSGS makes this conclusion based on fluctuations in the illusory atmospheric electric charge of the sea surface. This fluctuation is related to the rotation of the Earth’s axis. According to its research, SSGS identifies the regions where earthquakes can be felt within one to nine days.

Waiting for the Earthquake

The claims were initially made on social networking site X but gain prominence when SSGS seismologist Frank Hogerbets endorse the claim. Many predictions made by Hogwarts in the past have proven correct.

Hogarbits’ predictions about Turkey and Syria proved correct

Frank Hogerbets predicted a major earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February. After his prediction, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than fifty thousand people. He predict an increase in geological activity in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and China on January 30, 2023. Was follow by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Pakistan on February 7. Which killed nine people. Although the scientific community says that it is not possible to predict earthquakes in this way. According to Iranian media reports, this prediction is take seriously in Iran as well. On the other hand, in Pakistan, it has create a storm on social media.

Powerful Earthquake
Rumours of a big earthquake set to strike Pakistan in the next 48 hours are spreading on social media and in WhatsApp groups there, fuelled by “X “accounts with thousands of followers.

Prediction is not possible

Scientists and geologists have rejected Hogarbits’ claims. He says that earthquakes are cause by the movement of tectonic plates. And predicting their movement deep in the earth is not possible with current scientific knowledge.

Why did scientific progress fail to detect earthquakes in advance?

An official of the Pakistan Meteorological Department said. “The formula identify by the SSGS has not been accept by the scientific institutions of the world yet.” He made his prediction on September 29 and three days have pass.

Real earthquakes shake the world

Although scientists have reject the Dutch scientist’s claims, the local authorities are taking it seriously. According to Pakistani media reports. The Deputy Commissioner of Pashin has call an emergency meeting of all concern departments. Including PDMA Balochistan to Prepare for any potency if the SSGS augury come true.

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