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120 Dolphins Drowned in the Amazon River

120 Dolphins Drowned in the Amazon River

120 dolphins Drowned in the Amazon River. How did they die?

120 Dolphins dead were find in the Amazon river in Brazil. The pink and gray dolphins found in the Amazon River are becoming extinct. Last week, 120 dead dolphins were find in the Amazon River in Brazil. Last week, 120 dead dolphins were find floating in Brazil’s Amazon River’s tributary. Experts believe that their deaths were cause by severe drought and heat. The Mamairoa Institute, a research group affiliate with Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, said two more deaths were report near Lake Tefe on Monday. Dolphins were found. Experts believe that high water temperature is the most likely because of their deaths as the temperature in the Lake Tefe area exceeded 39 degrees Celsius last week. According to local media reports, thousands of fish have also died.

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 Threatening the Survival of Aquatic Life

“We counted 120 dolphin carcasses last week,” said Mariam Mar Montel, a researcher at the Mamirava Institute. “The dolphins found in the Amazon River are very attractive pink in color. They are among the freshwater fish. One that is find only in the rivers of South America. They one of the Guinean species of freshwater dolphins find in the world.

Noise, a Major Threat to Aquatic Life

About eight out of every ten carcasses found are pink dolphins, known as “boto” in Brazil, Marmontel said. And in the dolphins found in Lake Tefe, these carcasses are about ten percent. “A loss of 10 percent is a significant loss and is likely to increase, threatening the survival of aquatic life in Lake Tefe,” he said. It is include in the Red List of endanger species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Marine Biologist

Linde Weigart, a marine biologist, told DW that the noise created by mixing unnecessary sounds underwater is not perceptible to aquatic life. Sometimes they can’t even protect themselves from attacking animals because they can’t hear the alarm calls that they could hear so well in slightly calmer waters. Noise may be one of the reasons dolphins are dying.

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