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Australia will construct the tallest timber structure in the world

The C6 building in South Perth, according to the developers, will contain 42% wood and emit no carbon


Australian officials have approved plans for a 191.2-meter-tall (627-foot) “hybrid” tower made of mass timber. Which might soon be the world’s largest wooden structure. The plan for the skyscraper, now known as the C6 building. By Grange Development was accepted on thursday by Perth’s Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP). This structure would be nearly twice as tall as the previous record holder.

According to the developers, reinforced concrete will be used for the columns and core. And wood will make up 42% of the proposed tower’s structure.

The Council

According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. If finished, the high-rise will topple the Ascent skyscraper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Which has 25 floors and a height of 86 metres (284 ft). Making it the tallest timber concrete hybrid building in the world. The projected building. Will also be taller than the upcoming hybrid timber Atlassian Headquarters in Sydney. The projected C6 skyscraper, like Atlassian, will use laminated wood beams and a steel exoskeleton to support the construction.

Japanese Contractor

A 182-meter sustainable skyscraper made of wood and other sustainable materials will house the Sydney headquarters of software business Atlassian. According to a statement released on Wednesday by the Japanese general contractor Obayashi. The 39-story Atlassian Central building will be located in Sydney’s Tech Central innovation and technology district. Close to the Central rail station. Which has a floor area of 75,000 square metres.

Australian real estate business Dexus has hired Obayashi’s joint venture with local building company.

40% Wood

Even if the trees used in the design are entirely sustainable. McCarthy pointed out that only 40% of a tree is used for lumber. The remainder is used to make mulch or other products. Some of which are used to make paper. He commended the project’s methodology despite the fact that the grandiose design was a “tough task”. Ambitions are to be applauded, and if it can deliver that sustainability. Over the full life of the building. We are changing the playing field, particularly in WA, where the climate is very harsh,” he said. In order to address the climate catastrophe.

About Building

Grange estimates that the tower will require 7,400 cubic metres. More than 260,000 cubic feet of wood from 600 different trees. Dibble said in a proposal delivered to Perth officials that we can’t grow concrete. Referring to the project as “a new open sourced blueprint that utilises hybrid construction methodology to offset the carbon within our built environment. Which is the single biggest contributor to climate change.”

He continued, “This is our chance to demonstrate that we actually care about both the current housing crisis and the climate crisis. About which our business is doing so little. Along with using wood, Grange’s concept has other environmentally friendly elements. Like a rooftop garden, an urban farm, and access to 80 brand-new Tesla Model 3s for residents.



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