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Student Mobile Use: England to Take Drastic Measures

Student Mobile Use: England to Take Drastic Measures

Student mobile use spurs England to take dramatic measures Positive and progressive step. An initiative to boost educational standards nationwide is being led by Britain’s education secretary.

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Education Ministry

The minister for education revealed on Tuesday that the British government intends to release new guidelines for schools to prohibit cell phone usage while classes are in session. Following the release of the guidelines, Tom Bennett, a behavior management adviser to the British Department for Education, said, “This is a fantastic move forward for ensuring that students “This is a positive and forward-thinking step forward,” the statement said, “when people can work, learn, and develop in an environment free from the distracting influence of mobile phones.”

Disruptive Behavior and Online Bullying

In an effort to combat “disruptive behavior and online bullying,” British Education Secretary Gillian Keegan stated on Tuesday that the government supported principals who decided to prohibit smartphone use in classrooms at all times, including “break times.”

Raising Academic Standards

In addition to raising academic standards and improving performance overall, Keegan suggested that the new measure will also help students pay more attention in class. The government’s recommendations are only suggestions and support for the best practices for schools; they are not legally binding. According to the BBC, the department promised to offer clear recommendations and directives “shortly” but did not specify when. The law would provide exceptions in some circumstances, such as when a person needs a phone because of a health condition.

Forbid their Kids from Using Cell Phones

Ireland made news this summer when parents decided to forbid their kids from using cell phones in the classroom. This decision provided a safety net for the schools to employ when dealing with pupils who insisted on using their phones during class.

Italy’s Prohibition

Following France’s ban in 2018 and Italy’s prohibition in December of the previous year. Finland enact its own mobile ban in schools in July. To address declining test scores, according to The Telegraph. In a study release in July, the United Nations Organization for Education. Science, and Culture (UNESCO) advocated allowing mobile use only when it “supports learning outcomes.” According to one research highlighted in the article, it can take pupils up to 20 minutes to refocus on their lectures after being distracted by mobile use.

Education Law

According to U.K. research, applications that gather user data are “unnecessary for the applications to work”. In a world where just 16% of nations “explicitly guarantee data privacy in education by law.” Students in schools that have already outlawed them. Report being considerably safer, happier, and more focused. Than they were before, and they also report enjoying it. Bennett said, highlighting the importance of the guidelines. In reassuring school headmasters in their efforts to keep schools “mobile-free,” the report said.

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