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Migrant Reform Deal Reaches EU Ambassadors

Migrant Reform Deal Reaches EU Ambassadors

Migrant Reform Deal Agreed Among EU Ambassadors. The announcement comes after differences between Italy and Germany over the activities of aid organizations in the Mediterranean have been resolved. The aim of these reforms is to ensure coordination in the event of a large influx of asylum seekers. The European Union presidency said on Wednesday that ambassadors from the 27 EU member states reached an agreement on reforming the migration policy. Spain, the current president of the European Union, wrote on the social media platform X, “The ambassadors of the European Union have reached an agreement on the rules for dealing with crises and unexpected situations in relation to migration and asylum.

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What is this immigration reform package?

This agreement will form the basis for further negotiations between member states and the European Union. These measures are likely to be voted on next year. Ambassadors held talks in Brussels after Italy and Germany resolved a dispute over charities rescuing migrants stranded in the Mediterranean.

Illegal Migration

EU countries have sought to revise their policy to ensure that the bloc acts coordinated in the face of large influxes of asylum seekers. National leaders are due to meet in the Spanish city of Granada on Thursday and Friday to discuss illegal migration. Come on, but try to reduce the pressure. If implemented, the agreement would require countries that refuse to host asylum seekers and send them to other countries to pay.

Migrant Reform deal
The Italian island of Lampedusa has been the gateway for many of the arrivals in Europe in recent months.


European Commission President Urzula van der Leyen praised the deal, calling it a “game changer”. “We can unite and fulfill this agreement before the end of this mandate,” he said.

It is important that member states agree on rules to resolve the crisis, which is a critical part of the migration and refugee agreement” Sweden’s migration minister, Maia Malmer Stenergaard. We can now move forward with negotiations between the Council, the Commission, and the European Parliament. In order to reduce migration flows and ensure the rule of law at EU external borders, this agreement is essential.

European Parliament asylum

Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande Marlasca said. “Today we took a huge step forward on an important issue. For the future of the European Union. With today’s agreement, we have until the end of this semester. In the European Parliament asylum and are in a better position to reach a comprehensive agreement on migration.”

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