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Philippine Vessel Avoids Collision with Chinese Coast Guard Ship

Philippine Vessel Narrowly Avoids Collision with Chinese Coast Guard Ship

Philippine Vessel came within three feet of colliding with a Chinese coast guard vessel in the South China Sea on Friday. A Chinese coast guard ship came within three feet of colliding with a Philippine Vessel ship in the South China Sea on Friday, amid territorial conflicts in the Pacific, according to a statement from the Philippines that harshly criticized China. We disapprove of the Chinese coast guard vessel’s actions. Commodore Jay Tarriela, a spokesman for the Philippine Vessel guard, stated during a briefing on Friday that they have been breaking international law, notably the collision regulations.

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Philippine Vessel Guard Ships

The BRP Sindangan, one of the two Philippine Vessel guard ships, quickly reversed its engine to avoid colliding into the Chinese coast guard ship that crossed its bow at a distance of barely one metre, Tarriela said. The worrying occurrence occurred close to Second Thomas Shoal, which both the Asian neighbours claim and which has been the site of several altercations, which has increased worries that such territorial conflicts might lead to a more serious crisis. The United States, which has promised to defend the Philippines, an ally under a treaty, might conceivably be involved in a significant conflict in the disputed waters.

South China Sea

It was “the closest dangerous manoeuvre” by a Chinese coast guard ship against a Philippine patrol ship, according to Tarriela. Several journalists, including one from The Associated Press, who were asked to join the expedition by the Philippine Vessel guard as part of a plot to expose Chinese aggressive acts in the South China Sea, observed it.

Philippine Warships

In a statement released Wednesday night, the Chinese coast guard stated that the Philippine warships entered Chinese territorial seas “without authorization from the Chinese government” and that “China firmly opposes the Philippines transporting building materials to the “grounded” military boat.” It claimed to have issued severe warnings to the Philippine warships and kept an eye on them at all times.

Chinese Coast Guard and Paramilitary Ships

The incident happen after a Philippine Vessel guard vessel was halt. And encircle for almost eight hours on Wednesday by Chinese coast guard and paramilitary ships. The fighting on Wednesday start at first light when a Chinese coast guard ship closely follow the Philippine vessels. As they made their way to Second Thomas Shoal. Later, a blockade of militia ships and at least one naval frigate was construct.

Chinese Blockade

A Filipino marine outpost at the shoal receive food. And other supplies from two smaller supply boats. That were being escort by the Philippine coast guard in the dispute. Waters and manage to get through the Chinese blockade.

Chinese Radio Operator

The BRP Sindangan was repeatedly told by a Chinese coast guard radio operator. That “China has indisputable sovereignty” over Second Thomas Shoal and the surrounding seas. The Chinese radio operator said, “Leave and keep out to avoid calculations.” In response, members of the Filipino coast guard reaffirm Philippine sovereignty over the region. And announce they would carry out the supply delivery. The South China Sea, one of the busiest commerce lanes in the world. Has been the scene of several simmering territorial conflicts. The issue has drawn in China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei. And has turn into a hotspot. In the competition between the United States and China in the area.

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