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A Dinosaur Skeleton was Auctioned in France this Month

A Dinosaur Skeleton  was Auction in France this Month

Dinosaur Skeleton 150-million-year-old will auction in France this month. An exceptionally well-preserve skeleton of a 150-million-year-old dinosaur will auction in France this month. This skeleton belongs to a dinosaur of the genus Camptosaurus, commonly known as “Barry”. According to reports from the French capital, the remains of a dinosaur from the late Jurassic period will auction in Paris. According to experts, this structure is one of the few surviving structures of dinosaurs that went extinct millions of years ago, which were in exceptionally good condition at the time of their discovery.

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Why is the structure name “Barry”?

This structure was discover in the 1990s in the US state of Wyoming. Then in 2000, Barry James, a paleontologist, work on its restoration. That’s why this dinosaur structure was name “Barry” after the expert who work on it.

In 2022, the ancient structure was acquired by Italy’s Zoic laboratory and its experts worked on it further to preserve and restore it. About 150 million years old, the structure is 2.1 meters (6.9 ft) high and five meters (16.4 feet) long. Alexandre Jacquiello of the Hotel Drouot auction house in Paris said, “This structure has been preserved in an extremely unusual condition and such dinosaur structures are very rare. “

Up to Eighty Percent Complete Structure

Paleontologists say that the skeleton of this dinosaur is in its original condition to the extent that its skull is 90% complete and in its original condition, while 80% of the remaining part has restore. Globally, dinosaur skeletons are rarely sale on the art market. Only a few such structures or ancient remains auction worldwide each year. The structure will first  put on public display in Paris in mid-October before its auction. After that, it will auction in October itself. The structure is estimate to fetch up to 1.2 million euros ($1.3 million) at auction.

Mammoth Was Auction

Before the dinosaur skeleton, the mammoth skeleton has also been auctioned. Earlier, a 12,000-year-old mammoth carcass was auction for half a million euros. Mammoth was an extinct animal similar to elephants. Mammoth was also count among the woolly animals. The skeleton of the woolly animal of the same mammoth species was auction for about five and a half million euros. This mammoth skeleton was find in Siberia.

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