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Glyphosate Causes Cancer in Humans

Glyphosate Causes Cancer in Humans

Glyphosate Causes Cancer in Humans? Where prohibited, where limited

Many countries of the world are uncertain about its use due to the disagreement among experts regarding this chemical substance used for the destruction of weeds. Opinions on the effects of glyphosate on human health are widely divided.

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World’s Most Popular Agricultural Herbicides

Strong scientific and medical disagreement over glyphosate, one of the world’s most popular agricultural herbicides, has led several countries to decide to ban or limit its use. The World Health Organization’s Agency for Cancer Prevention said in 2015 that glyphosate, a key ingredient in herbicides, is “probably carcinogenic.”

European Commission

But this week, the European Commission proposed to allow the use of this chemical in the EU for another 10 years. The development comes after the report, which said there was no reason to ban glyphosate. The use of glyphosate has been debated for years in the European Union but has not been banned. The current approval for its use in the block expired in December 2022, but scientists recommended a one-year extension after a safety review.

Use of Glyphosate

However, a few European countries have also tried to ban the use of glyphosate individually under pressure from environmentalists. Domestic use of this pesticide chemical is banned in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Bayer, the largest chemical producer in Europe, is a German company, which has also bought Monsanto, the Camel company that produces glyphosate.

Glyphosate in Public

Bayer previously banned the use of this chemical in public places in 2018 and now plans to ban it completely by the end of this year. Austria and Luxembourg both tried to ban this chemical but failed. Monsanto and recently its new owner, Bayer, have faced lawsuits against themselves in the US over claims that its glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup causes cancer. The firm denies such claims but has paid billions of dollars to settle legal disputes against it. The US state of California took the lead in bringing the charges against Monsanto to court, where several cities and counties have banned this chemical.

Environmental Protection Agency

In 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a decision that glyphosate “is unlikely to cause cancer in humans.” The health agency of Brazil, a country known as the powerhouse of agriculture, also made this conclusion in 2019. Both Colombia and El Salvador first banned pesticide and later reversed their own decisions. Now Mexico has promised to outlaw its use by 2024. Vietnam is the only country in Asia, which has completely banned the use of this chemical. The Sri Lankan government tried to ban pesticide in 2015. But then reversed its decision in 2021 due to lack of scientific evidence in favor of the ban.

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